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Your Weekly Astrological Forecast by Karni Zor

Karni Zor offers a unique astrological forecast fashioned according to the true positions of the stars in the skies.

Please note the New astrological Realm, according to your date of birth – which combines the Sidereal star chart at the moment of your birth together with new knowledge about the essence of the astrological signs.

YOU CAN ENGAGE WITH YOUR FORECAST USING THE HOLISTIC ASTROLOGICAL CARDS. In addition to your forecast you will find a recommendation for an Holistic Astrology Card to meditate upon in order to create more balance.



December 4 – December 11

Additional Cards12

The Lake – Born Between March 14 – April 12

You feel the need to go out into the world, to share your insights with other people and broaden your own understandings by sharing with others and exchanging ideas. You feel a sense of freedom.  You are curious and attracted to many subjects and fields of interest. You might feel that you want to go out and be in and with nature as much as possible, and this too is a part of the expansion that is taking place these days. Try to remain as free and flexible as possible these days. Astrological Card to meditate upon –Expanding Horizons (9th House).



Additional Cards13

The Flame – Born Between April 13 – May 13

These are more introverted and spiritual days. You might not feel you want to talk much or do things, but somehow your ability to be  closer and more intimate with other people, expands. If you only can – try not to pressure yourself into any schedule or aim. Allow yourself this quiet and meditative time, in which things seem to deepen and expand from within. This is a very spiritual time, filled with insights,  inspiration and connections. Astrological Card to meditate upon – the Spiritual Portal (8th House).



Additional Cards2The Key – Born Between May 14 – June 14

These days everything to do with love and relationships is very intense and prominent. The Sun is in your astrological House of Relationships, making you very aware of your loving relationships, having many insights concerning them and reaching a depth of feeling that wasn’t there before. For those seeking love – this is a brilliant time to find it. For those in a relationship – you might find it going even deeper as  love and friendship tighten. Apart from the loving relationship, the position of the Sun also supports your ability to engage with other people and the world ,and to bring forth  in a harmonious way things that have been “cooking” in you for the last few months. Astrological Card to meditate upon – Love.


Additional Cards3Exchange – Born Between June 15 – July 15

You are now experiencing a very practical and ordered time. This is the time to put everything into its rightful  place:  a time for fixing the house, the office, attending to your body and health, making order in your thoughts and emotions. The more cleaning and order is achieved – the better you will feel.. Astrological Card to meditate upon – Health & Maintenance (6th House).



Additional Cards4Giving – Born Between July 16 – August 15

You feel LIFE is rushing back into your veins, you awaken, filled with joy and energy and getting closer and more connected to yourself and your true essence. During  this time you can bring forward yourself and your skills. This is the time to LIVE and to express yourself.. Astrological Card to meditate upon – Self-Expression.



Additional Cards5Nobility – Born Between August 16 – September 15

This is a time to exhale. This is a more meditative and relaxed time. It seems as though this quiet time is really needed and can suit your processes. You can now stop the movement forward and instead, find time to get closer to your family and to your own feelings and inner lives. These are more spiritual and connected times than usual – if you find the way to get out of the usual runaround of life.  Astrological Card to meditate upon – Family.



Additional Cards6Abundance – Born Between September 16 – October 16

Lightness tickles your life! You can spend more time with friends, have some good conversations and get lots of new ideas. Things seem to be fermenting and bubbling. This is also a lighter time, with not many serious issues to address. Astrological Card to meditate upon – Communication.



Additional Cards7Creation – Born Between October 17- November 14

This is the time to start to manifest all the great ideas and visions you had during your birthday time. This is the time to take things more seriously and see how you can bring to life and actualize your visions. You might need to be practical, realistic and grounded, and yet – make sure that throughout the manifestation process you  remain true to the original spark that ignited your visions. Astrological Card to meditate upon – the Tangible (the Second House card).




Additional Cards8The Gate – Born Between November 15 – December 14

This is the time of being reborn. The Sun is in your astrological realm, recharging you with much needed energy and allowing you to be closer to yourself and to your true essence. You have clarity about your life and there is a sense of new things in the air. Astrological Card to meditate upon – the Sun.



Flexibility by Karni ZorFlexibility – Born Between December 15 – January 13

This is a more introverted time, a time for reflections and contemplation. Above the surface it seems as though not much is happening, but something in you is starting to  prepare for the new astrological cycle that will begin soon, close to your birthday time. It is good to try and take things easily these days, not  rush into anything and  allow yourself this more relaxed and flowing time. Astrological Card to meditate upon – the Transcendent (the 12th House).



The Diamond by Karni ZorThe Diamond – Born Between January 14 – February 12

The Sun is in the astrological House of Vocation and that allows you to rise above life’s little details into seeing the bigger and wider view of things. You can now focus on the more important things of life,  you become more aware of your true and wider vocation and can start manifesting more and more of it. Astrological Card to meditate upon – Vocation.



The Waterfall by Karni ZorThe Waterfall – Born Between February 13 – March 13

This is a very practical time. You are very efficient and committed and this allows you to advance in many territories, and mainly do much work and bring your career to  a new level.  This is the time to manifest many of your visions.  Astrological Card to meditate upon – Work&Career.






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