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Your Weekly Astrological Forecast by Karni Zor

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May 24 – May 31

Karni Zor offers a unique astrological forecast fashioned according to the true positions of the stars in the skies.

Please note the New astrological Realm, according to your date of birth – which combines the Sidereal star chart at the moment of your birth together with new knowledge about the essence of the astrological signs.

YOU CAN ENGAGE WITH YOUR FORECAST USING THE HOLISTIC ASTROLOGICAL CARDS!! In additiona to your forecast you will find a recommendation for an Holistic Astrology Card to meditate upon in order to create more balance.





THIS WEEK: Mercury is Retrograding till June 11



The Lake – For those Born Between March 14 – April 12

Mercury, planet of socializing and communication, is retrograding in your astrological House of Communication. This is like a “double affect” of Mercury going “off” upon you. Everything to do with communication, thinking, speaking and socializing is up to lots of mistakes. Most of the mistakes are going to be just funny little ones: little misunderstandings, saying the wrong things, appearing for a meeting in the wrong time. as long as you apply humor to the situation – it is all well. But in other situations – as in your business, specialy trying to advertise it or giving lectures – you should really double check everything before you say something, publish something or send on the “send” button.

Astrological Card (from the Holistic Astrological Card’s deck) to meditate upon – Communication.


The Flame – For those Born Between April 13 – May 13

Mercury is doing its retrogression this time in your Astrological House of Fortune. This mean that till June 11th you should really double-check every financial move you make. Think before investing or buying something. Read the little letters. Make sure you have got the details right – and if possible postpone important decision till after the retrogression ends. Mars is also in close proximity to Mercury making it a bit difficult to stop and think before doing things and this situation can lead to hastiness, especially to do with money – so do what you can to cool yourself down before doing important moves. Astrological Card (from the Holistic Astrological Card’s deck) to meditate upon – The Tangible.


The Key – For those Born Between May 14 – June 14

The Sun and Mars are both in your astrological realm, the realm of the Key, blessing you with much strength and lots of awareness and ability to do. Pay attention that Mercury is also there – in your astrological realm – making its retrogression. Try to stick to the side of doing and being practical, and try not to go into endless thinking about things and to over-analyzing. If there are projects that have already started – continue them and do not re-think them, for that can take you a few steps backwards. Astrological Card (from the Holistic Astrological Card’s deck) to meditate upon – Mars.


Exchange – For those Born Between June 15 – July 15

Mercury’s retrogression has little affect upon you this time, almost none. However – the planet that does have a special and positive effect upon you these days is Venus. The graceful goddess of love is travelling your astrological realm spreading harmony and beauty. Venus has a wonderful affect upon your emotions, and makes your heart open for love. It makes you tenderer and allows you to radiate something warm to your surroundings. For ladies – Venus touch makes us more feminine and allows us to reconnect to the fountain of beauty, reminding us the secret of beauty and love – both starting from within and then radiating outwards. Astrological Card (from the Holistic Astrological Card’s deck) to meditate upon – Venus.


Giving – For those Born Between July 16 – August 15

This is a time of major advancements to do with your vocation. The Sun and Mars are shining upon your vocation, making it clearer and more tangible and allowing you to take some important moves towards fulfilling it. The only down side of the situation is that Mercury is now retrograding in your Astrological House of Vocation till June 11th. This means that it’s better to stick to doing then to thinking. Try not to over analyze things. Try to do and not to talk.  For those working with speech, teaching and lecturing – making sure people understand what you say and don’t forget your prompts. Astrological Card (from the Holistic Astrological Card’s deck) to meditate upon – Vocation.


Nobility – For those Born Between August 16 – Sept 15

Mercury is retrograding in your astrological House of Work, in proximity to the Sun and Mars. You must expect all sorts of disturbances and mistakes in your work place – beginning with falling computers and ending with misunderstanding with you colleagues. This retrogression can make you nervous and hot in your workplace, and it is recommended to calm yourself down, take into account you have not understood things well, and not act before you verify all the facts. Patience and humor can help you a lot these days! Astrological Card (from the Holistic Astrological Card’s deck) to meditate upon – Work&Career.


Abundance – For those Born Between Sept 16 – October 16

Mercury’s retrogression is occurring in your Astrological House of Travelling and Learning. You should expect little mistakes, sometimes even funny ones, to do with getting the4 wrong train, coming into meetings in the wrong time. With some humor you can even see it as an interesting adventure and opportunity. For students, especially during tests – it is important to double check what you read and what you wrote and to avoid mistakes – that in these cases might not be funny anymore! On and all – this retrogression is not too harsh this time and you can enjoy the freedom and joy of these days without much worry! Astrological Card (from the Holistic Astrological Card’s deck) to meditate upon – Expanding Horizons (9th House).


Creation – For those Born Between October 17- Nov 14

This time Mercury’s retrogreesion has a wonderful affect upon you! You are in a very spiritual and connected time, and in these days it is better to shut down the thinking system. So Mercury’s retrogression – which means the conduit of thought going off or slow – is just a blessing and a great addition to the process you’re already in. anyhow this is the time of feeling and meditating – and not of thinking and analyzing. Have a great intuitive journey! Astrological Card (from the Holistic Astrological Card’s deck) to meditate upon – the Spiritual Portal.


The Gate – For those Born Between November 15 – December 14

Mercury’s retrogression allows you to work on unwanted thinking prints; ways of thinking that are not useful for you anymore and that can now shed and let way to new patterns of thinking that are positive and promoting. This is a time of mental changes. Life is intensive, filled with happenings and adventures. Life brings forth all sorts of challenges and allows you to go through all sorts of changes taking your personal development a step forward. The word “sorry” towards yourself and others can come in handy while understanding ways of thinking and communicating that might not suit your present position anymore. Astrological Card (from the Holistic Astrological Card’s deck) to meditate upon – Saturn – the lord of Karma.


Flexibility – For those Born Between December 15 – January 13

Mercury’s retrogression occurs in your astrological House of Maintenance and Managing this time. it is important to double check the little letters in documents and double check your accounting – so little mistakes do not sneak up and make a mess. But on and all Mercury’s retrogression is not too rough this time, for Mars and the Sun which are also in the same House of Management and Order allow you to be aware of things and also very swift and practical. A special opposition between Pluto and Venus allows you to go through immense changes to do with your emotional life and your attitude towards love and relationships – and this in the main focus of these days. Astrological Card (from the Holistic Astrological Card’s deck) to meditate upon – Venus.

The Diamond – For those Born Between January 14 – February 12

Mercury’s retrogression has only a mild impression upon you this time, and there’s not much attention needed to be put on that. Life these days is all about living it, expressing yourself, enjoying the beauty of it and allowing yourself to let life to your talents and skills. Allow yourself to do whatever your intuition and gut feeling tells you to do, and do not let logic or over-analyzing stand in your way. On another note – try to take care of bad feelings, do let them take a hold of you these days. Stick to the bright and expressive side of life! Astrological Card (from the Holistic Astrological Card’s deck) to meditate upon – Self-Expression.


The Waterfall – For those Born Between February 13 – March 13

You are very sensitive and vulnerable these days. Your emotions might make you a bit introverted. Remember that things are not so harsh as you might register them, and remember you are not subjective these days. Family needs its time; due to Mercury’s retrogression in proximity to Mars misunderstandings can easily lead to fights and relationships with your close one might be filled with tension. Remember to explain yourself well, not to get too heated. Give attention and love to your family members and try to do exciting things together – taking Mars’ energy out in a productive way instead of a destructive one. Things will be simpler in a few weeks! Stick in there! Till then taking time doing things you love to do – dancing, hearing music, painting and o on – can really sooth your emotions and take you away from the emotional swamp you might be in. Astrological Card (from the Holistic Astrological Card’s deck) to meditate upon – Family.