**Our Solar System as a model for Managing** A unique lecture/workshop for managers. Discover the natural key for managing your life, office, crew members and much more! From a one hour lecture and a up to 3 full days seminar. Workshops can be order for organizations world wide. Given by astrologer Karni Zor.

Astrologer Karni Zor gives fascinating workshops worldwide: astrology, astronomy, mythology and life understandings – all come to life and enable a better connection to ourselves and to the unique universe we are a part of.

The workshops can be chosen by groups worldwide, and can be fitted for the group’s needs and to the special astrological time in which the workshop takes place. 

Here are some examples of our workshops.  All workshops can be ordered from a one hour lecture to a full weekend seminar. Please contact us to fit you with the best workshop, even if we need to create it together.


Astrologer Karni Zor gives workshops world wide. Astrology, astronomy, Ancient astrology, Human Can be fitted for any organization's needs: management tools, human relations, understanding your client, educating children and much more.

A New Astrology

Could it be that we are not the astrological sign we were told we were? Can we be ignoring some fascinating facets of astrology by clinging to the astrology of the past?

A fascinating lecture & slideshow about the history, the present and the future of astrology and about the way the past’s mistakes affect the way we perceive astrology today.

The 4 elements as a tool for better communication and understanding. Dicover about the 4 groups of people and learn how to recognize them and talk to them. Astrologer Karni Zor in a lecture that fits all crouds. This knowledge is crucial for families, workplaces, marketing, teaching etc.In this lecture we will learn about the difference between the classical astrology and the New Astrology. We will learn about our TRUE astrological signature and the higher meaning of astrology. We will get to know how the astrological frequencies affect our lives and what possibilities we have with creating an actual relationship with the universe we are in.

If a broader workshop is taking place we will also have a hands-on experience with the 12 astrological realms – 12 pathways of personal and spiritual development in alignment with the stars’ frequencies.


Reading and Healing with the Astrological Cards

In this workshop even the inexperienced participant will quickly learn to use the beautiful astrological cards. This is an extraordinary astrological experience with lots of hands-on practices in a variety of methods: movement, meditations, personal process and group processes, color, music and much more. We will learn about the different astrological frequencies, symbols and colors, and mainly we will learn to use our intuition and born skills.

In this workshop you will learn how to read the astrological cards for yourself and others, and how to use them in various healing processes and meditations. It can be a simple 3-hours workshop for the beginner, or a broader experience of several days to become a certified astrology cards’ reader and practitioner.



**Make sure your children know about our solar system and its influences upon us** Karni Zor gives fascinating lectures and workshops that include introduction to our solar system, the effect of the different planets upon our lives and learning about the night's sky. Lectures can be more scientific aimed or spiritual/psychological inclined.

The Solar System as a Model for Life

“As above so below, as without – so within”. In this workshop we will learn to connect to our inner solar system and be in-tune with the wisdom of the celestial bodies.

Discover a natural key for managing your life and making it more radiant. Find your inner radiating Sun. Learn more about your Moon… Get a better understanding about working with your thoughts (Mercury), your emotions (Venus), your ability to do (Mars), your intuition (Neptune) and much more. Miracles happen when we are in-tune to the natural system within.


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