The Astrological Realm of Giving


Your Weekly Astrological Forecast till June 4

You are seeing the bigger picture these days. You remember who you really are, what is important in life, and what you came here to Earth to do. This is a time of clarity that enables you to reignite your life’s quest and to reconnect to your true vocation. This is a good time to plan ahead and even to take some important steps that will get   you closer to fulfilling your true destiny. With Mars’s new location you might lack the power to actualize things, you might be tired or feel constraints that prevent you from going ahead with your plans. Never the less, this is a time of great clarity concerning your vocation, and the time to DO will come later on.

Astrological Card to meditate upon – the Vocation card.





Saturn’s influence upon you 2017-2018

Saturn is now travelling your Astrological House of Management and Maintenance, and will be there till 2019. Its location will teach you a thing or two about having a more mature and responsible attitude towards managing your life. You might find logistics taking more time and attention and that things that were once done carelessly will now need to be taken more seriously. This is a time of maturing and becoming more responsible in the little details and practicalities of life.

The Holistic Astrological Card to meditate upon to help you out during this period: The Sixth House.


Chiron and You (till 2026)

Chiron’s location in your chart is connected to studying and expanding horizons. This means that the next nine years will be  a journey of learning about healing and expanding scopes and  about the different possibilities. This is definitely the time to learn something therapeutic, for fun, as a profession or as something that brings a new twist to that which you already do. You might even find yourself traveling around the world in search of new healing methods or embarking upon a quest after the essence of healing.

Astrological Card to meditate upon – Chiron (Healing)