The Astrological Realm of the Key

The Astrological Realm of the Key

Your Weekly Astrological Forecast till June 4

The Sun still resides in your astrological real, inspiring you and recharging you with much energy. But Mars, planet of action, have moved forward to another location, making life a bit less hectic and more grounded.

This is a time of being active and practical. You can really go forward with your important projects and deeds, continuing to fulfill your true purpose. This might be the time to do some BIG things, and also a good time to take care of the house and finance.

Astrological Card to meditate upon to stay active – Mars.



Saturn’s influence upon you 2017-2018

Saturn, lord of Karma, is about to spend the next two years (till 2019) in your Astrological House of Spirituality. This is a special location, from which Saturn will teach you to become more committed to your spiritual journey. This is a time to be attendant to your inner voice, and take the time to meditate and reflect, as something in you becomes more settled spiritually. You might also find that spiritual connections, that were once easy to achieve, now need more time and a more fixed schedule, but this is all a part of a big step forward and a spiritual advancement you will achieve during this time.

The Holistic Astrological Card to meditate upon to help you out during this period: The House of Spiritual Connection.


Chiron and You (till 2026)

Chiron, the celestial body of Healing, is in your astrological House of Vocation, where it will stay for the next nine years.  This is a very special location for Chiron – the Healer – to reside in, and naturally it would suggest that healing will find a way to join your vocation in the coming years. Whatever it is you are doing, an essence of healing and helping others is going to join in, whether you are an artist, a teacher or a musician. People will be healed from being in touch with that which you do. Chiron’s presence will also help you heal some of the past’s wounds that have prevented  you from meeting your vocation.

Astrological Card to meditate upon – Chiron (Healing)