The Astrological Realm of the Flame


Your Weekly Astrological Forecast till June 4

Mars’s new location is affecting your way of socializing and communicating. This has its pluses and minuses. You need to be aware of the tendency to fight and quarrel and notice that what you say might come out more aggressively than you planned. So try to explain yourself more and pay attention to the feelings of those you are talking to, in order to avoid Mars’s traps. On the brighter side, for those who have a business – this a great time to advertise, talk about what you do and make some public relations. This is also a great time for students and people who lecture or write.


This is the time to rediscover who you truly are and what are the unique things you came here to do. With Uranus traveling your astrological realm you might discover new things about yourself, you might have new ideas and might leave behind some of your old plans which do not fit any more. This is also the time to start manifesting and make real all the great dreams and ideas you have. This is a great time for practicality, for business and for investments, and a great time for doing and for accomplishing big things.

Astrological Card (from the Holistic Astrological Card’s deck) to meditate upon – the 3rd House card, the card of Communication.





Saturn’s influence upon you 2017-2018

Saturn will spend the next 2 years (till 2019) in your astrological house of Learning. Saturn brings things down to earth and encourages commitment, therefore these are going to be great years for those planning to study for a degree, or to attend any certified course of learning. This is the time for sitting down and learning in the most committed way. During this time you might find yourself going through some life lessons that will teach you the meaning of true freedom – the one that comes from within, and not relying upon outer circumstances.

The Holistic Astrological Card to meditate upon to help you out during this period: The Ninth House – Expanding Horizons.


Chiron and You (till 2026)

Chiron is now entering a very spiritual location in your chart, where it will reside for the next nine years. From this new location Chiron helps you let go of old fears and anxieties. This is caused by bringing these fears to your awareness, from where they  cannot  control you anymore, which makes it easier to separate from them once and for all. Bidding farewell to old fears will allow you to open new pathways that once were closed.

Astrological Card to meditate upon – Chiron (Healing)