The Astrological Realm of the Gate


Your Weekly Astrological Forecast till June 4

Your spiritual life in enhanced these days and you find the passion in the spiritual quest. This is a time to engaged with the never-ending journey of insights and discoveries. This is a also a vigorous time, with many events and people for you to meet. This is a also great time for couples to enhance their relationships, and for those seeking love – to find it, beginning with finding the love and care within.

Astrological Card to meditate upon – Relationships.  



Saturn’s influence upon you 2017-2018

After two and a half years of Saturn in your astrological realm, it now gets out of there, not to visit again for the next 30 years! Saturn taught you many lessons during this period, and has taken you through challenges and some difficulties. But now, when Saturn is out of the way, you can feel how much you have matured during this time; how much stronger you have become, and how connected to your inner core and inner truth. From now on things are going to go much smoother and in a much easier fashion. Saturn in its current location enables you now to create your surroundings in the way that will fit “the new you”, and you have the time to do so, for it is a slow journey of two and a half years…

The Holistic Astrological Card to meditate upon during this period, to reconnect to the joy and ability to do: Jupiter.


Chiron and You (till 2026)

Chiron, the omen of healing, resides in your chart in a location that will allow you to heal that which shadows  your self confidence. This is the time to heal aches and traumas from the past, especially from the time of your youth, and heal wounds that prevent you from feeling confident and proud. This is a time of nine years, of regaining self esteem, or building a new self esteem based on the many talents and skills that you have. With this healing journey you might also find yourself helping others to feel confident about themselves. You might be attracted to work with teenagers and give them that which you were missing when you were at their fragile age.

Astrological Card to meditate upon – Chiron (Healing)