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Your Weekly Astrological Forecast till June 4

Mars is now entering your astrological House of Traveling and Learning, and will reside there till mid-July. From this location Mars is making you adventurous and entices you into travels, walks, expansion, and vacation. It calls out to you to be in touch with nature around you and prevents you from working on a fixed schedule. This is a great time to take a vacation or travel, if at all possible. Learning something new can also be satisfying – as it broadens the horizons mentally

Astrological Card to meditate upon – Expanding Horizons (9th House)





Saturn’s influence upon you 2017-2018

Saturn is now travelling your Astrological House of Communication, and will do so till 2019. This is a time to learn some important lessons about speaking and socializing; a time to learn what to say and what not, and when. This is a journey towards becoming more responsible towards your friends. But mainly this is a path through which you can become more responsible even in the way you think – which is the communication between you and yourself, remembering that what you think is the starter for the world you create for yourself…

The Holistic Astrological Card to meditate upon to help you out during this period: The House of Communication.


Chiron and You (till 2026)

Chiron, the celestial body connected to healing, will reside in your Astrological house of Healing for the next nine years. This is a very special location, obviously: one that not only  allows much healing, on all levels – mentally and emotionally, but especially actual physical healing, of different body aches, wounds and injuries. You are now beginning a long and thorough journey of self healing that might lead to your learning how to heal others, coming from what you have discovered from your own healing journey.

Astrological Card to meditate upon – Chiron (Healing)