• What’s Up in the Skies?

    Posted on April 30, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts

    planetsMercury, planet of thinking and communicating, will end its retrogression on Wednesday making our social life much easier and our thinking clearer. In addition – Mercury is now located in a different spot than when it started its retrogression, and this means that during the next few days its influence upon us is going to be weaker, but also different from what it was for the last two weeks – so pay attention to the way Mercury will affect you at the beginning of this week (you will find more about it in the elaborated weekly forecast)…

    Venus, planet of love and harmony, now resides in the astrological realm of the Lake, widening our hearts and deepening our emotions, allowing us to have a more intimate connection to people around us, nature and life itself.

    Mars, planet of action, now resides in the Realm of the Key, making us slower, not rushing into things, but rather checking first the reasons for doing them. All in all, with Mercury’s retrogression and Mars’s location – this is a time for a  pause, and of feeling and sensing, rather than rushing into decisions and action.


    Longer-Term Celestial Influences

    Saturn continues its alignment with the Center of the Galaxy, an alignment that started   a couple of months ago and will continue for about half a year. In a nut shell – this is the time to align ourselves to the higher purpose, making sure our deeds fit the logic and good of creation, rising above our personal preferences. You can click here to read more about it.

    Yuno – the feminine asteroid, now conjuncts Pluto, making it a wonderful time of transformation concerning our attitude towards love and couple-ship (perhaps more about it will be written in the next few weeks, stay tuned).

    And the Difficult Skies continue – as you have read about last week, and can revisit by clicking here.


    Can Be Seen with Our Eyes

    These days the huge planet seen in Mid-heaven starting at sunset is Jupiter, which now is retrograding and hence very close to planet Earth, and looks really huge and beautiful.

    Venus can be seen now not in the evening’s skies, but rather an hour or two before sunrise and till dawn, in the East, grand and majestic (making it worthwhile   waking up early!)


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