• Saturn in Alignment to the Center of the Galaxy: A Huge Shift – Globally and Personally.

    Posted on February 4, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts, Astrology and Development

    delicate-arch-896885 Saturn, the most distant planet still visible to the naked eye, is also called “the Lord of Karma”. This frozen planet, surrounded by rings, shows us where the challenges in our lives are due. The location of Saturn in one’s personal astrological chart tells of the territories in which we are more limited and slowed down. But these obstacles have a reason – for they make sure we only arrive at things after we have learned the lessons to do with them. Saturn makes sure that we come to things mature and fitting.

    Because of Saturn’s huge distance from the Sun, the time it takes Saturn to complete a full cycle around the Sun (one Saturnian year) is 30 earthly years. It takes Saturn about two and a half years to move from one astrological realm to the other.

    The Center of the Galaxy is the huge power, not yet understood to science, which resides in the center of our galaxy – the Milky Way. Looking from Earth this special location is permanently resident at the Realm of Flexibility (Sagittarius constellation). The center of the galaxy is the point around which all the solar systems, stars and celestial bodies of the Milky Way revolve around. The Greater Sun if you will. Astrologically speaking the Center of the Galaxy marks the higher thing a person’s life revolves around: something that has nothing to do with one’s personal vocation, but rather something that has to do with the greater, universal good.


    The alignment between Saturn and the Center of the Milky Way is quite rare. It happens once every 30 years or so. But because of Saturn’s slow movement it also lasts for several months. This time the astrological conjunction will begin in February and will last till the end of 2017.

    Global Changes

    On the global level of things we can feel the conjunction’s affects already. We see all around us that the world is going through challenging  times. Times of lessons, difficulties and struggles. But the intensity of things is going to rise much more in the coming months and till the end of 2017, as Saturn will align with the center of the Milky Way. Saturn is astrologically connected to governments, laws and regimes. It’s connected to organizations, institutes and order. When Saturn is in alignment to the Center of the Milky Way – which is connected to the higher, universal good, we speak of a time in which governments, global organizations and the law itself need to change in order to better fit the higher good. This is going to be a tide of shifts towards a more natural order. A time in which local politics will need to be abandoned in order for  higher organizations to take form, and these organizations will work according to the natural laws, and not for personal benefit: a global order that serves the higher purpose of  human kind. Yes, it sounds big, and we may wonder who and how will  this new order be concieved, but the truth is that with this alignment any law or government that is not in alignment with this higher good – will undergo huge difficulties and constraints. The challenges and obstacles that will confront whoever is not in the alignment of something greater – will be so huge it will make it difficult to continue.

    Personal Alignment

    On the personal level the alignment between Saturn and the Milky Way will ask us, personally, to give up much of our personal desires, as we align our lives with the greater good. Everything we do that is not in the alignment of something greater than us, that does not serve the evolution of the human race and bring more well-being to this world, will suffer great difficulties. We need to be very attentive to those things in which we find ourselves struggling with. If something doesn’t work, if we find a certain door closed, we might ask ourselves honestly if what we’re trying to do is actually for a greater good. It’s better to change ourselves than try to go heads on into these territories that are now sealed by Saturn’s protection. If we see the challenges as a clue, we need to recheck ourselves and our own alignment, and we can then easily guide ourselves onto a more connected path.

    The alignment between Saturn and the Milky Way will last for a long 10 months. This allows us a wide enough door for a long enough period of time, in order to create and see real change, if we let it…