• Difficult Skies – the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter T-Square

    Posted on November 7, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    A look at recent history – and the near future

    These days 3 very significant planets are creating a disharmonious form in the skies. These planets are Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter.


    The last time the three were in a significant celestial formation –  an earthquake caused the Fukushima nuclear disaster – back in March 2011. This is how the skies looked like back then:

    T square

    This time – when the three got into their disharmonious form –  earthquakes were felt in Italy. The problem is that this unpleasant celestial structure is not only affecting us now – but also will last for another half a year, indicating  turbulent times ahead.

    Let’s understand more about this celestial structure, what it means, what to look out for and even what is it’s up side.

    I have to warn the readers in advance that today’s forecast is giving a glimpse into a not very nice future. But as always – this forecast is brought in order for us to know in advance what lies ahead so that we can make  better educated decisions, taking into account the celestial global situation.


    So  – who are the planets involved? What is a T square? What does it all imply?

    A T-square is an astrological composition in which two planets oppose one another, and the third creates a disharmonious aspect to the other two. These days and for the next half year Uranus is opposing Jupiter, and Pluto is in disharmony to both, creating together what astrologers call a “T-square”.

    The mythological god Pluto is the lord of the underworld, and as so he rules, amongst other things, the belly of Earth. Pluto naturally is not a very positive planet –indicating in some of the  times extreme situations. Uranus is the planet of turbulence and change, unexpected movement and dangerous situations. Together, literally, they can make the Earth shake.

    The other thing that Pluto governs is the world’s wealth, because the belly of Earth contains both gold and diamonds. So Pluto represents world-economies, and Uranus – again – is the unpredictable and  explosive ingredient. Together they promise an unsettled financial situation. Not for the private person, but rather in a global-affect, because the slow and distant planets are the ones affecting global situations.

    So – earthquakes, tsunamis and economical disasters – these are all not very nice things. But when we come to think of it – these are all also not new to us. The world has been turbulent for quite a while now, with increasing natural disasters and unstable economies…

    And indeed – the disharmonious aspect created between Pluto and Uranus is not something new. While the T-square involving 3 planets is a recent configuration, the disharmonious aspect between Uranus and Pluto has been prominent off and on in the skies since 2008, a year that also marked the fall of economies in various places around the world. Another significant date where the two planets were very active was March 11, 2011 – and at that time, as mentioned above, Jupiter “stepped into” the disharmonious combination. Jupiter inflicts and exaggerates any given celestial situation, and indeed when Jupiter was around, back in 2011, the Tsunami and nuclear disaster in Fukushima occurred.

    Pluto and Uranus are very slow planets, so the square the two create is not something that goes away quickly. We have been noticing its affects for years, since 2008, and will continue to do so for years ahead.  But within that square, from time to time, another celestial body appears and lights up the couple for another round of chaos, and this is what is happening these days with Jupiter stepping  again into the unpleasant celestial combination.

    This time it’s Jupiter that gets back into the T form with Pluto and Uranus. Jupiter’s function is to magnify everything it touches – for better or worse. And in this case – it’s for the worse. So the destructive and explosive combination of Uranus and Pluto’s disharmonious relationship is more alive than ever. And this situation will last, sadly, till May 2017.


    What can we do about it?

    First – it’s good to know ahead that times are going to be turbulent. This way we will not be too surprised from what happens. We might not be able to affect global affairs, but at least we can manage ourselves within them.

    The best thing to do now, in our private lives, is to be as conformist as possible. Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter try to push everything and everybody into extremes, and in order to avoid  unpleasant results – it’s better not to fall into the celestial trap, and not  play the game of doing things in an extreme way. Try to stick to original plans Make sure you don’t start radical things and don’t end things in a sudden way. The world is going through too many changes anyhow, so at least we ourselves can try to limit the amounts of self-chosen surprises and changes.




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