• Super-Duper Moon – Biggest Moon in 70 years!

    Posted on November 13, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    composing-1192667On Monday, November the 14th, the full Moon will be the biggest seen in almost 70 years.

    As the Moon’s path is an elliptical one, it is sometimes closer to earth and sometimes further away from it. The biggest full moon of each year is called “Super Moon”. And not only is it  bigger and even more beautiful than ever – its astrological affect is also actually stronger. On Monday, the big full Moon is going to have a crucial affect upon us, so we better be prepared.

    The Moon is a huge magnet in the skies pulling at the earth’s waters and creating the tides. As our body is conceived of at least 70% water, so the Moon’s movement influences us as well. Astrologically speaking –  water, as in the Water element, represent EMOTIONS. So the Moon is the celestial body that creates our moods. It lifts us up and takes us down, pulling our emotions all over – if we allow it. The Moon can make us radiant  and bright  some days, or make us feel as though something huge is casting a shadow upon us.

    composite-717916Full moon nights are very influential upon the emotions. Our emotions – for better or worse – are intensified. Many pagan cultures celebrated their festivals on full moon nights knowing the intensity upon the emotions in these times, and many legends, sucg as those of  werewolves and witches represent all that can come out of the human during these nights of full Moon.

    The Moon also represents the child and the unconscious. So who ever is on a personal development path should learn about his or her own moon, learning how not to let it take over. During full moon nights we can celebrate our emotions and passions but we do want to make sure we do not allow our lower emotions to take over, and we want to make sure we are not drawn into our own emotional swamp, or else our inner frightened/jealous/immature/spoiled child within us will take over and take us very far away from where we know consciously we want to go.