• Pluto!

    Posted on July 17, 2015 by in A New Astrology, Astrology and Development, Astrology Extra

    PlutoPluto is the highlight these days, and is worth giving it your attention.

    NASA is receiving, for the first time,  pictures of Pluto and its moons, and a part of our solar system that was once unknown – is starting to be explored – as the future is getting closer and closer.

    Pluto was the furthest planet known in our solar system, discovered in 1930.

    I used the term “was” for two reasons –

    First is that Pluto “lost” its title “planet” and was announced as a Dwarf planet due to its size. This new scale is used to decide if a celestial body is a planet or not (we astrologers totally regard Pluto as a planet and give it its rightful pedigree, for as we know the smaller and more condensed something is – the more powerful it may be)

    And the other reason – is that it is now known that there are other celestial bodies at least Pluto’s size even further away in our solar system.

    But I’ll leave NASA to give us all the scientific facts, and will focus here on Pluto’s astrological affects and the questions that arise with us reaching it in these very special times.


    Pluto has five moons, the biggest one is Charon which is almost half the size of Pluto itself.

    Pluto is named after the Roman Lord of the Underworld  (known in Greek times as Hades), and Charon was the Roman ferryman, leading the dead to the underworld. The four other moons’ names are all associated with the same mythology – Stix – the River of the Underworld, Nix – Lady of the Darkness, Cerberus – Pluto’s dog, and Hydra – the Nine-headed Serpent.

    These gloomy names of these celestial bodies represent what these bodies actually were for us till now – and that is the furthest away point we can reach that is known to us, the most remote distance, meeting the unknown and the ultimate transformation.

    Astrologically Pluto and its satellites indeed represent, or at least represented till now (maybe a new interpretation is now needed?) – a passageway  between the known world to the unknown world. In the physical manner this would be the transformation between life and death, but in a more spiritual overview this would be the meeting point with the future and with the unknown, and making the needed transformation in order to be able to meet those.

    Isn’t it interesting that the New Horizons  probe reached Pluto’s remote end of the solar system? Maybe shedding light on this dark end and making it possible to us to connect and be aware of things that were once unknown?

    What does it tell us about these times in which humans can reach places they never have reached before?