• Pluto and Charon

    Posted on July 26, 2015 by in A New Astrology, Astrology Extra

    These last years of astronomical research have clearly shown us that we should reconsider what we know about our solar system, and be open to the fact that what we think of as “facts” will quickly change. Just as the habitants of the Old World could never have perceived that our own world is a globe, or just how wide and varied it is – so we should not assume that we already “know” everything about space, and even about our own solar system.

    Last week’s discoveries have opened a jar full of surprises and treasures about space –  close and far, about our celestial neighborhoods. The photos of the “New Horizon” of Pluto started to make this far and mysterious planet not that far off. Suddenly this whole area of the solar system that was previously in the dark, is now having light shed upon it. We are now aware of the fact that Pluto has 5 moons, and of the amazing fact that one of its moons is so big (half the size of Pluto) that the moon is not revolving around its planet as in our own case (of Earth and its Moon), but that they are both revolving around a mutual point.

    This fact alone can open our eyes to the possibility of evolution in our solar system (and in the universe). It is a known fact that our Moon used to be smaller and closer to Earth millions of years ago. So – does it mean it is on a course to gain enough power and gravitation of its own and to one day have such an affect that will make our own planet’s course change?

    If you think about it – the moon’s state is that of a child, slowly growing closer to its mother, feeding on her energy (and of the father’s energy as well – the Sun), but when it gets big enough it starts to be of account in the family, starts to build a character and charisma of its own,  not a baby any more, but slowly a full participant in the solar system.