• Changing Places

    Posted on July 5, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Junpiter and Venus in conjunction - photo by Karni ZorAfter the dazzling conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, Venus is now hurrying to get away from Jupiter as fast as possible. Each evening Venus will be seen now more and more to the East, and is actually now in a different astrological realm from Jupiter. Jupiter stays in the realm of Giving while Venus is now clearly seen in the realm of Nobility – with the stars of the Leo constellation, as one can clearly see in the evening skies.

    (The picture above – a photo I took of the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter)


    Venus is not the only planet to changes places in the skies this week – Mercury is moving as well. As these two planets – Mercury and Venus – change places, so do our thoughts (Mercury) and feelings (Venus) shift.


    Mercury has moved into a new realm this week – the realm of Exchange, where it joins Mars and the Sun. The fact that Mercury (our thoughts), Mars (our action), and the Sun (our awareness) are all residing in the same astrological realm enables us to be very focused and coherent. This unity between our different faculties tells us this is the time to set up some important and worthy goals – and to achieve them in an efficient way. This is a great time to go forward with our projects, a time when we can manage ourselves and our business in a very successful way.


    Venus in the realm of Nobility allows our feelings to be balanced, which is a good addition to these wonderful times.