• Challenging Skies – And the Deal between People and Earth

    Posted on May 17, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts, Astrology and Development


    The celestial bodies are presenting us with some non-simple times these days, bombarding us with very intense energies coming through the celestial bodies from the center of the universe and onwards to us and to planet Earth.

    Energy comes towards us (to Earth) all the time, from the center of creation, through the astrological realms, down to the planets of the solar system and finally to us.

    The theater and expression of this energy changes according to the placement of the planets in the skies and the way they transcend the energy (which is pure) to us, after each giving the energy their own flavor and color (of each celestial body), always a specific mix as many of the different celestial bodies participate in the celestial dance at any given time.

    Nowadays a square angle between Pluto and Uranus makes the energy that comes into the world very harsh and destructive in its nature, and this might imply that the second earthquake in Nepal might not be the last time the Earth will move under our feet.

    Uranus’ and Pluto’s square is accompanying us since 2011, starting with the Tsunami in Japan on March 11th, 2011. Since then, because Pluto and Uranus are slow-movers, this angle comes and goes, and up to now we have had 7 waves of the perfect square between the two “giants”.

    Uranus is an actual giant – very big in size. It is named after the primal creator that after creating multiple creatures,  also consumed a part of his creation in a destructive act.

    Pluto is a dwarf-planet, sometime not even considered a “real” planet. Till not long Pluto was considered the furthest planet in our solar system (very recently 2 other planets were discovered beyond it). Pluto is named after the Dark God of the Underworld.

    The unpleasant meeting of these two sends the energy that comes from the center of the universe in a very harsh fashion to our world – creating a huge collision of destruction and extremes on its low side, and making it a doorway for total metamorphosis on the bright and higher side.

    One important thing to remember is that what is happening “out there” is also happening inside of every one of us.  Astrology affects every level and every part of our lives – from the micro to the macro.

    On the large scale we can see the disasters this square has inflicted. Not only with earthquakes and Tsunamis – it is seen all around us – in the rise of terror and destruction around the world, in the deterioration of world economies, in political roller-coasters and much more.

    Uranus wants its changes –  sometimes even needed changes, for the right reasons. But Pluto pushes things to extremes. It over-does things, takes them to their dark side. And together they take RIGHT CAUSES, such as FREEDOM, INDIVIDUALITY, ORIGINALITY, HUMAN RIGHTS, and pushes them into very very dark sides – by, for example – killing in the name of freedom, destroying in the name of individuality and so on.

    In our lives the same theater might appear, in a different manner. We might find ourselves fighting violently for some very righteous causes. Or we might want to make some changes in our lives, but instead of doing them in the right and balanced way we destroy the things we have worked on for years.



    Well – first it is good to know that we CAN do – in the personal level and on the global level. And that the skies always challenge us for a reason – for a developmental reason. And that every situation is solvable and to be learned from.

    In our own private lives the answer would be to do things in a balanced way, and not  be driven to extremes. Not to let the friction between Uranus and Pluto control our lives.

    This is, obviously, easier said than done, for Pluto works on our subconscious, and it is our own instincts and desires that we need to fight now. But it can be done with the use of awareness and free-will instead of doing the first thing that comes to mind and just exploding from the energy that comes in our direction now.

    In the global world – here is where the MAGIC works –

    For if each one of us will make some changes in the patterns of everyday behavior – a critical mass can accumulate. And this mass created by taking many little steps, can influence the awareness of the whole world and can eventually cause a real change.

    By the process of Receiving the celestial energy that now bombards Earth, and not using it in an explosive way, but instead – Cultivating it into a creative and  human response – we can help Planet Earth deal with the energies coming to it straight from the heart of creation and through the celestial bodies.

    By that we are fulfilling a part of the deal between us and Planet Earth – which is TOGETHER we can take the journey of advancement and evolution through the frequencies always provided to us by the Living Universe we are a part of.