Yearly Astrology Course

The style is clear and Karni’s love of the subject comes through.

I also found it so refreshing that she asks us to look at the sky, to get to know where the sun, moon and planets rise and set as we see them from our part of planet Earth.

Thank you for an inspiring and straightforward introduction to an enormous subject.”

Hermione, October 2015

I have now been learning astrology with Karni Zor for about 6 months, and I have loved every moment of it.

The lessons are truly inspirational and complex subjects are explained in a clear way.

It is truly a journey of new discovery all the time, very exciting and very practical too.

I love the way of the course where new insights and understandings get introduced every week, it is a bit like getting a freshly coloured thread of a tapestry and not quite knowing where and how it will fit – and then, taking a step back, suddenly realizing how much more I can see now, how a pattern is starting to emerge.

Not least, the New Astrology presented takes astrology to a whole different level and I have to admit; I don’t look at the skies in quite the same way any more”. 

Eir, March 2016

A Comprehensive On-Line Astrology Course

with Karni Zor

Begins September 2016 !

Join an in-depth learning experience.

Astrology from Step 1 till the Full Reading of an Astrological chart, and much more!

Get the whole course – 40 lessons, about 40 minutes each for a special price of 995$

Or 895 for registration before August 1st!

Special gift – register TODAY and receive a deck of the Holistic Astrological Cards !

The comprehensive course includes a monthly live webinar (10 webinars!) with Karni Zor.



Introduction to astrology -The 4 elements, the astrologer’s vocabulary, the 12 ages of man (4 lessons).

The Persona Reading -The Sun, the Mo on and the Ascendant, Mercury, Venus and Mars – through the signs (5 lessons).

Elaborating the Persona Reading – The Astrological Aspects and their integration in the chart, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto , Astrology of Generations (4 lessons).

The New Astrology – the astrological realms, the esoteric side of our solar system, astrology of personal development (5 lessons).

The Astrological Houses – character, childhood, health, vocation and more (6 lessons).

Special features of the chart -Chiron, the Center of the Galaxy, the Part of Fortune, the Asteroid Belt, the Mid-Heaven (3 lessons).

The progressed chart – 2 lessons.

Astrology and Reincarnation – the True and South Nodes, the Vedic Approach, the New Astrology Approach to reincarnation, Saturn – lord of Karma, the Water Houses, the Draconic Chart (3 lessons).

The composite and Synastry charts – charts for couples, families and teams (2 lessons).

The Forecast – 4 lessons.

The Astrologer’s ethics – 1 lesson.


In addition – you will attend 10 live webinars, once a month with Karni Zor, practicing together the lessons you have received and answering any questions you may have.


Tuition Fee –

The complete program, including all 40 in-depth fascinating lessons and 10 live webinars: OUR SPECIAL PRICE 995(Instead of 1600$) + 10% reduction for registration before August 1st (a 100$ reduction !!)




Please allow 24 hours for a personal email of confirmation.

The course will begin September 5th.


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