• William Tell and the Centaur – Sagittarius

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    SagittariusElement: fire

    Mutable sign

    Numerology: 9

    Rulers: Jupiter

    The apple was on his son’s head, to life or to death he draw his bow, the arrow pierced the apple right in its center. William Tell, the Swiss hero, refused to bow down to a pillar on which was hanging the Austrian governor’s hat who occupied his country. As a punishment, Tell who was known for his bow skill had a choice: to shoot an arrow towards an apple placed on his son’s head or to die.

    William Tell, the legendary freedom warrior, shot and did not miss, but in the blink of an eye another arrow was placed in his bow: “had I missed, the next arrow would have been for you!” he said impartially to cruel Gassler the Austrian governor. Tell continued to lead the Swiss rebellion against the Austrian oppressors and his adventures include escaping prison and rescue from an almost sinking ship. His story is a symbol for personal and political freedom.

    This story is full of symbols and hints on the nature of Sagittarius people.

    Like William Tell and his bow, such are Sagittarius people who does not submit to authority. They are freedom lovers and warriors and would not agree to any imprisonment or restriction whether physical or mental. Their bow is drawn and in time of need their arrow will reach distances. Just like Tell, while one arrow has  just been shot – the next arrow (the next idea or mission) is ready in their hand.

    The characteristics that goes with the people of Sagittarius are: love of freedom, love of spaciousness, love of travelling, and love of learning. As your probably noticed, the main motivation of Sagittarius is love. In fact it is passion which is the characteristic of the fire element (Sagittarius is one of the three fire signs). They will fight in great risk and great devotion, always from love, never from going up against something else.

    Another symbol of Sagittarius people is the Centaur, the legendary animal who has the lower body of a horse and the upper body of a man carrying a bow and an arrow pointing the sky. The Centaur represents the integration of our three parts: the animal-like part, the human part and the spiritual part that aspires high and beyond – the fire part. As the Centaur’s bow such are the people of Sagittarius who aspire up, wanting to explore, to know, to expend and to develop. The spiritual yearning is living inside them, they are the eternal students, always searching to expend their education and their experience.


    (Picture; the Sagittarius card from the Holistic Astrological Card deck by Karni Zor, illustrated by Maya Toby)


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