• Where Does One Start? (Pyramids, Tarot and Astrology…)

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    The vast galaxies look like a huge mix of wonders and depths. To ask “where is the beginning of all that” might be a joke to us, but the Egyptians seemed to know the answer… at least from their perspective.

    Many scholars tried to fathom the secrets of the pyramids and unravel this mystery that preceded its time by all means.

    The pyramids are special phenomena. Not all are aware of the fact that one can actually find “pyramids” around the globe in the Americas and Babylonia. But true pyramids that are mathematically geometrically and architecturally exact – can be found only in Giza, which today is a suburb of Cairo.

    There are 6 pyramids in Giza. 3 big ones and 3 smaller ones.

    These pyramids are a geometrical wonder that cannot be imitated today, even with all our advanced technology. They are made of a perfect square base from which 4 equally sized triangles arise to meet at an exact point that was probably covered with gold at the time.

    In Egypt one can find a few more pyramids that are smaller, not exact and actually look like steps. These are juvenile compared to the wonders of Giza. The interesting thing is that the ones in Giza are much more ancient than the juvenile ones. That would tell us that there were no trials or attempts made to attain the perfection of the great pyramids –  only a failed attempt to copy the work of the ancients, but alas – with no success…

    pyramidsWhen one looks at the form that the 3 great pyramids create in their location one to the other, one can find them remarkably equivalent to the 3 major stars that create Orion’s Belt – in location, proportion and position.

    Orion’s Belt is a part of a bigger constellation named for the mythological giant Orion, and can be seen for about half of the year near the horizon and close to the constellation of Taurus.


    Orion, the mythological giant, was part of many different myths and traditions, as different cultures related to him by different names, and celebrated his reappearance in the skies at about the time of the shortest day of the year – December 21st. In some cultures it was called Damuzi, Tamuz and even the story of the death of Oziris and the birth of Horus, its son, is related to this giant and its special time of appearing again in the skies in winter after “dying” in the summer when one cannot see the constellation.

    Christianity continued this tradition unknowingly, celebrating Jesus’ birth on December 25th.

    Orion was called in the Bible “The Fool” (Ksil כסיל in Hebrew). This funny name for the great giant is no accident, as the Bible is known to diminish and make lesser of other culture’s gods. The biblical alligators and the infamous snake are both constellations that were of major importance to the ancients and were mocked by the Bible.

    But when we look for the Fool we can find it – in a much unexpected place…

    The FoolThe first card of the major Arcane of the Tarot deck is called “The Fool”.

    There is a huge wisdom behind the Tarot deck, a wisdom that can be probably tracked back to ancient Egypt. And one of the interesting facts about it is that it does not begin with card number 1, as one might expect. It actually begins with card number 0, and from there the major Arcane continues to 21 more cards, completing a series of 22 cards – which is the number of letters in the Hebrew Alphabet.

    The Tarot’s Fool is accompanied by the dog that leads its way.

    Mythological Orion, the giant in the skies, is also accompanied by his dog – which is the constellation Canis Major – with its brightest star Sirius


    Sirius is a wonder in itself and for now it will only be said that it is a major part of the Maya’s astrology, and Egyptian astrology as well. Attached is its Egyptian Hieroglyph that can send one into further thoughts and research.

    But where does this 0 lead to? What is it an indicator of?

    Well, it does not stop there, as the closest constellation to Orion is the Taurus constellation. The word for Taurus in ancient Aramaic is Aloof, which also means “first” and is the origin of the letter Aleph. The constellation’s figure itself looks just like the ancient א or the letter A – the first letter in the Alpha-Beth. Taurus was actually the first constellation to rise in the East on the equinox in ancient times. This would proceed with Gemini, that for the Egyptians was actually the second constellation (twins = 2), and holds the figure of the second Hebrew letter ב, and if we look hard we might even find the whole Alpha-Beth in the skies.

    For the ancient ones Taurus was the first constellation, but Orion symbolized its origin, the enigmatic point that preceeded the beginning and is the unseen start of it all.


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