• Virgo and our Spiritual Pathway

    Posted on October 7, 2013 by in Astrology Extra

    Virgo SignElement: earth

    Mutable sign

    Numerology: 6

    Ruler: Mercury

    House number 6 in the astrological map is the house of Virgo. It talks about our everyday life and about our conduct in the ongoing maintenance of our lives, home and bodies. Sounds gray and boring? Not really…

    The esoteric symbol that fits house 6 and number 6 is Solomon seal with the six ends (see symbol on card). Solomon seal is composed of two triangles one on top of the other. One triangle’s base is solid on the ground and its head is in the sky while the other triangle’s base is up in the sky and its head touches the ground lightly in one point. This symbol has many complex meanings. It represents Jacob’s ladder in which men can go up from the material realm up to a higher realm of existence, and angles can go down to the material realm. It signifies the dual evolutionary journey men have to go though in this life: going up from the material, everyday life to a life of spirit, and going down from the high spiritual connection into actual action and outcomes in our everyday life. In fact the spiritual progress we’ve made is measured by our actions and outcomes in real life.

    The way we conduct our daily routine, the maintenance of our house and our connection to our body is not only our material world and the “behind the scenes” side. If we look at our time distribution we will find that there are very little magic moment of “hu-ha!” in our lives, and that most of our life is made up of those small moment of washing the dishes, brushing our teeth, maintaining our body through cooking and eating, taking care of the house, errands for work and so on. So there is some truth in that our infrastructure should be wide and stable to allow us to soar high. Just as the triangle that stands on its base – a wide base which is connected to the ground- earth (earth is the element of Virgo…), a wide base of errands, organizing, taking care of things, and all of that so that we can reach every once in a while those special moments that touch the skies, just like the upper end of this triangle… but even a few moments like this are sufficient because a small amount of the “delicate high substance” can charge us for long periods of time…

    In terms of age the phase of Virgo is the phase in which a person starts to take real responsibility over their life. We have all experienced this. It is the time we understand we have to do our own laundry, go to the market by ourselves. A lot of maturity, seriousness and responsibility come with it, and also a lot of self-esteem and respect that comes from knowing that we stand in our own right. This stage actually completes the real maturation of men.

    In the month of Virgo (August 21 until September 21) we all tend to be more organized and meticulous. This month opens to us a window of opportunities that has to do with repairs and improvements of the ongoing maintenance of our lives. Are there areas in our lives which we cannot yet manage ourselves? Are there places in our lives that has no order? Can we really maintain our lives? Are we loving and attentive to our bodies? Our home? Do we create a solid, stable ground for ourselves to soar?

    If there are still things that needs work, they might come up in the month of Virgo with a possibility for improving, bringing change and learning. In fact those little arrangements are the base to create the infrastructure from which we continue to higher dimensions.


    (Picture: Virgo sard from the Holistic Astrological Card deck by Karni Zor, illustrated by Maya Toby)


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