• Venus vs. Mars

    Posted on May 21, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    venus-and-marsOnce a year the heavenly couple opposes each other in the skies.

    Venus and Mars are the two closest planets to Earth. Venus – bright and beautiful – from the side that is closer to the Sun, and Mars – red and cold – from the other side. Both are planets visible to the naked eye.

    These days Mars, which is also retrograding, is seen clearly in the night sky from evening and till dawn in the constellation of Scorpio. Venus is too close to the Sun to be seen these days. As Venus (and the Sun) descend – Mars rises in the East, and As Mars descends in the west Venus rises in the east, creating a perfect 180 degrees between the two lovers in the see-saw of the planets and the skies.


    Mythological Venus and Mars have always been an interesting couple. Venus, goddess of beauty and love had a vivid affair with the god of War. Venus represents women and feelings, while Mars represents men and action. The two opposites could not resist each other and were magnetized by a force bigger than both.

    From this affair Venus gave birth to a daughter and two sons. The daughter, Harmony, represents the beauty of the opposites meeting and working well together. But the two sons – Phoebes and Daimyos – represent everything that can go wrong when emotions and action collide.

    The perfect opposition between the two planets this week will affect our lives, and as the children Venus and Mars bore, we have to choose between the two opportunities that are available to us in these special times when two polarities clash within us –

    We have to pay attention to our feelings this week. They can become hot and aggressive influenced by retrograding Mars. Also we should take notice that emotions and feelings might crawl up and appear where only practicality should be practiced – as Venus affects the way we do things.

    But if we’ll know how to handle this match well and with harmony, we could experience the best of the couple’s cooperation as this is a time that can be very creative and inspirational: A time to do what we love and love what we do.


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