• Venus, Saturn and the Gang…

    Posted on August 9, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts

    astrologyWe already know that Venus’ retrogression is affecting us harshly these days (and until September 6th), but what we should also notice is that Venus’ retrogression is occurring at a square angle to Saturn – planet of Restraints and Life-Lessons.

    Venus is not the only planet that Saturn squares these days – Saturn actually squares a whole set of 4 celestial bodies:  Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun itself.

    Saturn is the last planet of our solar system that can be seen with the naked eyes, representing the natural border of our solar system, a bit like the cell’s membrane, or our aura.

    Saturn has rings around it, and in the mythology Saturn was restrained by his own son – Jupiter. So the whole nature of Saturn is about restraints, borders, limits, boundaries – and difficulties.

    These days Saturn can clearly be seen at the beginning of the Scorpio constellation in the hours of evening.


    Saturn, also called “Lord of Karma” makes sure we learn everything we need to learn. And when it creates disharmonious angles (like the square) the lessons can be harsh.  Challenges are going to face us whether we are ready for them or not. But they come for a special reason – so we can learn and develop and overcome our own boundaries.

    With the angles made with Venus, Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter – the lessons that we’re bound to meet during the next week will be various, teaching us how to better think, better control our emotions, be better focused and how not to exaggerate.


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