• Venus Retrograde March 3 – April 15

    Posted on March 1, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts

    A false-colour image of Venus: ribbons of lighter colour stretch haphazardly across the surface. Plainer areas of more even colouration lie between.

    Once every year and a half or so, Venus, our closest neighbor and conduit of feelings, enters a state of retrogression. During this time our emotional system may start to go “backwards” together with the planet’s course.

    As it looks to us from Earth, Venus, or any planet for that matter during it’s retrogression,  seems to travel from  West more and more to the East every night, and this contradicts the “normal” course of the planets in the skies – which appear to be going from East to West from day to day usually. (This has nothing to do with the fact that during the night the planets seem to travel from West to East due to the Earth’s own rotation. What is described here is the shift they make from day to day as the planets themselves circle the Sun).

    Venus is very easy to spot these days in the evening’s skies. And if you have followed her movement you would have seen that Venus seems to rise more and more to the East every night, making the duration of her appearance longer and longer till she sets in the West, about two hours after the Sun these days.

    But from now on, if you will follow Venus you will find her appearing more and more to the East from day to day. She will seem to be even bigger and brighter from day to day, till she will be so close to where the Sun is, that we will stop to see her in the evening’s skies.

    In actuality, during the time we stop seeing Venus she will be directly between Earth and the Sun.

    In a few weeks’ time Venus will re-appear, but this time not as the magnificent evening star she seems to be these days, but rather as the morning star – preceding the Sun’s rising. For Venus is actually both – the evening star and the morning star – depending on where she is located according to the Sun.

    What we see as Venus “going backwards”, getting closer to the Sun and then re-apearing on its other side, is actually us viewing Venus’ very normal cycle around the Sun. Only for us, here on Earth, the time Venus is between us and the Sun would look to us as though she goes “the other way”.

    Nevertheless, in the celestial orchestra the fact that a planet goes “in reverse” has much affect upon us, and Venus certainly has much affect upon our feelings and our emotional lives.

    venusThe current retrogression period starts on March 3rd and will last till April 15th. Each one of the astrological tribes is prone to react differently to this retrogression, but in general this is a time where our emotions “play tricks” on us. It is a time in which we are more prone to cling to lower emotions than higher ones, a time where our emotions might be exaggerated or might blur us. Traditionally this is not a good time for starting new relationships or making a new commitment relating to an existing relationship.

    But in the midst of that – we should consider the fact that the planets might try to play their own tune on us, but that it is we who are the conductors of our own symphony, and we have the choice whether to fall into Venus’ traps or use our consciousness and make our own grown-up decisions.



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  1. After a year and a half of Venus going direct and showering us with love and happiness she is about to go retrograde for the next 40 days and 40 nights.