• Venus Opposing Saturn – a Celestial Gateway for Releasing Emotional Prints – This Week!

    Posted on April 10, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts

    SwanOnce a year Venus opposes Saturn, and it happens this week.

    Venus is the Goddess of Feelings, Emotions, Love, Femininity and Harmony. Saturn is the Lord of Karma. This meeting point in the skies, where each stands exactly at opposing sides to Earth, also creates with Earth a perfect alignment, and is a cosmic gateway that can enable us to be aware of some of our emotional prints – and enable us to get rid of them, if they are not positive.

    Saturn makes the emotional prints and behaviors present themselves in a very obvious way, which is not comfortable. These are confrontational times. We become aware of different behaviors we might not want to face, different constraints and barriers we have put up.

    These prints present themselves in order for us to make different choices – aware, mature and responsible choices. They present themselves so once and for all we can choose to get rid of these habits and apply new methods and ways in which to feel and behave.

    The celestial positions make it easier for us now to be aware of our emotional prints and change them if necessary. The stars are “doing their job”, but the more attention, awareness, effort and healing we can apply these days – the more effective the process becomes.

    Pay attention – in order to break the cycle and imprint a different set of behavior patterns, we need not only choose how we do not want to behave – we also need to start behaving in a different way, a healthy method that will replace the old ways.


    4cdea21cd737ff5f99424c78e2645e435Where do our emotional patterns come from?

    Saturn hints that the prints we are seeing these days originate in our previous life-times experiences. These might be the means and ways that were relevant to different situations, but applied today they no longer make sense, and can even hurt us.

    For example – a person might have learned from previous life- time experiences, that they should not trust people and that they better keep their feelings to themselves and act in a suspicious way. This kind of behavior was practiced so many times in the previous life time or times – that it repeats itself again during this life time – although that person might have no bad experience to relate to his/her closeness.  During these days of Saturn-Venus opposition the person might become aware of this behavior and change it.


    power of the mindWhat do we need to do in order to release unwanted prints?

    First we want to become aware of these behavior patterns.

    Then we have to see that these patterns have nothing to do with our lives today, and the way we want to be, or the future we want to see.

    The astrological situation now can help us to release these patterns, but we want to add to it our awareness and there are some healing exercises we can apply.

    There are two astrological cards to look at and meditate upon during this week in order to enhance the process of healing and releasing unwanted prints, and these are Venus and Saturn (from the Holistic Astrological Cards).


    Stars_Posters4 סאטורן

    We might want to say out loud positive affirmations that will replace our usual prints, such as (relating to the example above): “I can trust people.” or “I am open to love.”

    We want to take a positive action that would replace the previous way of behavior. For example – if we notice we have a destructive attitude towards relationships we would want to express our love and appreciation to our partner instead of being full of resentment. If we tend to be closed – we might take some active steps towards meeting people – like going to a social event and spending some time talking to people etc.


    Best of luck!