• Venus, Mars and the Unfulfilled Love Story

    Posted on February 18, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Venus and MarsOnce a year the mythological couple, Venus and Mars, unite in the skies. This time the two planets are very close to one another, but because of some rare coincidences the two will not conjunct as they do usually – but rather almost touch each other and then  drift apart, as each one goes in its own direction, only to reunite once again in October. What will be the astrological influence of this almost-conjunction?

    The usual annual routine is for Venus and Mars to meet in the skies once a year. Venus, our closest neighbor and the mythological goddess of love and harmony,  is much faster than Mars, the little red planet, second in its proximity to us, and the Roman god of war. Usually, once a year Venus will catch up with her mythological mate, get closer and closer to the red planet, till a full conjunction occurs, and then Venus continues with her fast movement to move to the east each night,  leaving  her slow lover behind. Venus and Mars started their annual meeting a few weeks ago and by  normal calculations they should have met and separated by now, but for some reason – this was not so.

    I was very surprised to look at the skies a few days ago and see Venus to the West of Mars – the location before their encounter, instead of to its East. And Venus was even further away to the west than she was just a couple of weeks before. This extraordinary sight made me go and research this phenomena and discover that this year – things are not going as usual for the Roman couple. This year Venus is preparing to get into her retrogression period that will begin on march 6th. This fact makes Venus move VERY SLOWLY  these days. So not like at other times, where Venus catches up fast with her mate and even overtakes him, this year Venus is dragging behind, while Mars is in an unusual fast pace that makes it go forward in what is about double its regular speed. The result of this is that these days  Venus will slowly appear, each day, to be more and more to the west of Mars, getting further away from her lover instead of closer to him. The annual reunion will not come to completion as planned. Instead, the two slowly drift away from one another till Venus ends her retrogression, and then the two will already will be quite far from one another since all this time Mars was charging forth. The couple will only finally get  together in October.

    But don’t be sad for the two lovers! The astronomical and astrological results of this almost-encounter are wonderful! The sight in the skies is beautiful to watch as enormous Venus is shining brightly, glowing in the early evening skies, and Mars can also be clearly seen, more to the west and a bit higher than Venus, with a reddish color and a faint glow. The two will continue to be clearly visible to our eyes in the next few weeks.

    Astrologically the influence of this unfulfilled lover’s reunion is actually very positive. The proximity between Venus and Mars lasts much longer than usual – for about a month instead of a week. And just as in a good romantic movie, the unfulfilled love between the two fills us up daily  with passion, creativity, harmony and inspiration.


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