• Venus, Jupiter and Mercury have a Triple Conjunction, and Logic Wins!

    Posted on August 2, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Junpiter and Venus in conjunction - photo by Karni Zor

    This week the celestial bodies are quickly changing places in the skies,  creating a special dance in which Venus and Mercury both conjunct Jupiter whilst swapping places. This dance opens for us a window of opportunities to enable Venus’ retrogression to go smoothly, all though it’s at its peak.

    If we have followed our skies lately, we are used to seeing Venus moving more and more to the left (the east), opening a gap between her and Jupiter. But since July 25th Venus is retrograding – meaning it appears as if it is moving back to the west each night, getting closer to Jupiter again. Whilst this is happening both Jupiter and Venus are also getting closer and closer to the Sun, meaning they will both soon be out of our sight when evening falls.

    At the same time Mercury is moving quickly towards Jupiter. And at the same time that Venus is in conjunction with Jupiter on her move from east to west, Mercury is passing over Jupiter as well, but from west to east.

    The result is that we’ll see Mercury swapping places with Venus and starting to appear near Jupiter, and then each night moving more and more to the east, just as we have seen Venus doing before. And Venus will soon disappear due to its closeness to the Sun.

    Mercury and Venus cannot be confused, for they are very different. Mercury is much  smaller and less bright than Venus, nevertheless, it will also appear quite clearly in the evening skies, not far from where the Sun has just set.


    Astrologically speaking – this is a crucial week. Retrograding Venus is meeting Jupiter, and Jupiter has the tendency to grow, expand and take to extremes everything it meets – and these days it means that Venus’ creation of emotional messes, that we may have been feeling during the last week, may go to extremes. It’s an emotional tsunami!

    But the good news comes from Mercury’s side. As Mercury conjuncts Jupiter (in Mercury’s direct movement) all the best qualities of Mercury now shine, and this means our logic and our communicational skills are at their best.

    Mercury’s conjunction with Jupiter actually opens before us a different pathway than that of unbalanced emotions, and it gives us another way to sort things out.

    So – for this week – logic should be the ruler. We should trust our common sense and not our confused emotions. And another good option is to use our communication – talk about things, give them words, verbalize them, have a good conversation about what you feel – this can really help these days!


    (Picture from the latest Venus-Jupiter conjunction)


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