• Venus Goes to Extremes

    Posted on January 23, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    This is the last week of Venus’ retrogression and our emotions are going crazy!

    It seems that especially towards the end of its retrogression Venus is giving us the hardest time.

    Venus, the Roman goddess of love, wasn’t always the nicest of creatures. There are some mythology stories that reveal her “bad hair” days. Venus was also very jealous and had quite a temper. Therefore, Venus, the planet, has to do with our emotions, and as the goddess she can be responsible not only for love and tenderness, but also for emotional outbursts and storms as well.

    This week Venus is not only in retro. It is also in conjunction to Pluto, the Roman Lord of the Underworld, that takes everything to extremes and even drags us down to depressions or obsessions.

    So our emotions and feelings are like a volcano this week – about to burst.

    And this is the time to remember that we have the possibility and responsibility not to let the planet’s dance control us. So – this week, more than ever we’ll have to remember that our emotions are very flammable and still manage to control ourselves and not let the worst of Venus get a hold on us.

    Mercury can be the one that helps us this week to stick to common sense and reason, as it creates a harmonious angle with Mars, planet of action and doing.

    This week it would be better to take the path of practicality, as the path of emotions is a bit flooded…


    Venus’s retrogression will end on January 31st and then things will be much calmer.


    By the way – For some time now we haven’t seen Venus in the evening skies. It has moved to the other side of the Sun, and now is seen as the morning star, rising to the east about an hour before sunrise.


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