• Venus’ Dance and our Personal Development

    Posted on December 8, 2013 by in Astrological Forecasts, Astrology and Development

    Venus, the conduit of love and emotions, is heading now towards the path it will travel in the coming few months. While on that path Venus will give us an opportunity to do some development work relating to our emotions.

    In a personal astrological chart Venus represents the way a person feels and expresses their emotions. In a woman’s chart Venus tells the kind of woman she is. Venus also tells about our love life, relationships and much more.

    The way a person deals emotionally is not set. Nothing in us is set – everything is always evolving and developing in the human complex. As Venus moves in the skies it offers us gates and pathways to change the way we deal emotionally – a path of emotional development, connection to the feminine possibilities (for both genders), and a way to improve how we handle our loving relationships .

    Every month or so Venus moves into another astrological realm, and through that it influences our emotions and our love life in different ways. But not only that… From time to time Venus has a retrogression period, during which it holds for us special opportunities for development.

    On December 21th Venus will start its retrogression period. You all heard about Mercury retrogression periods, but Mercury is not the only planet that retrogrades – actually from our planetary perspective, every planet has its retrogression period. Venus goes “backwards” every year and a half or so, for about a month and a half. Each time the retrogression takes place in a different astrological realm and provides another emotional development challenge and lesson for us. And here’s something amazing: if you draw a line between the realms in which Venus does its retrogression, you get a perfect pentagram – the five edged star which is one of Venus’ symbols.

    Venus’ dance for the next few months will begin when her retrogression starts in the realm of “The Diamond”. From there she will travel “back” into the realm of “The Dolphin” and then, when she comes back to direct course she will go back into the realm of The Diamond again. Because of the retrogression period Venus will spend a much longer time than usual in these two astrological realms, making sure we learn the lesson these realms hold for our emotional development.

    “The Diamond” and “The Dolphin” are very different astrological realms, having two different radiations, radiating upon us from the distant galaxies.

    The Dolphin astrological realm represents the absolute freedom, floating with no plan. Venus in this realm will cause our feelings to be very joyful and free, but also loose. It will make us want to love everybody and express our emotions without any thought or censorship.

    The Diamond represents things we need to work heard for in order to achieve. Venus in this realm will cause our emotions to be very steady and our relationships to be very loyal and long-lasting.

    During the next few months we will experience these two very different aspects of love and feelings, as we learn to navigate between both frequencies and find the right balance between them and the ability to combine these two different emotional worlds.

    In the meantime (and until December 21st) Venus is still travelling direct through the astrological realm of “The Diamond”. From there it enables us to crystallize and condense our feelings and relationships – and boy will they need some stability! When Venus starts its retrogression – our feelings will be shaken and we’ll need all the emotional stability we can find!


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