• Venus conjuncts Pluto

    Posted on February 7, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Junpiter and Venus in conjunction - photo by Karni Zor(Picture: conjunction of Venus and Jupiter a few months ago)

    Beautiful and bright Venus is very close to the Sun, second after Mercury, and therefore  will always be seen by  us as moving with the Sun, never too far from it, seen near the Sun after sunset or before dawn.

    As the Sun seems to us as moving one degree a day inside the Zodiac – so would be the pace of Venus as  Venus is one of the fastest planets of our solar system.

    In her quick journey through the Zodiac, Venus happens from time to time to conjunct one of the slower planets of our solar system. But as the slower planet will stay in its spot for a  longer period  of time, Venus moves on, making this visit short but meaningful.

    We have seen such a conjunction recently when we saw the famous conjunction of Venus to Jupiter, a few months ago (above – a picture I took of this amazing conjunction).


    This week Venus is”passing  over” another planet, but this time this planet is so distant and dim that the conjunction  cannot be seen by our  eyes, but if we look at Venus in the early morning skies we should know that at the exact same spot, behind her only light minutes away – Pluto resides.


    Every conjunction is unique – and it gives us not only a beautiful sight when  seen, but also a special mixture of the two planets’ frequencies that creates a brand new combination, with brand new opportunities for us.

    In the case of Venus- every conjunction it creates opens to us a new doorway to do with emotions, feelings, femininity and love.

    The combination that Venus, the goddess of Love and Harmony, and Pluto (Hades) – god of the Underworld and the usher of  great  transformation, opens a special doorway that has to do with changing our whole perspective about love, feelings and beauty. The planets now create a  doorway – and it is up to us to choose if we want to pass through it or not.

    The lower side of this combination can bring forth lower feelings and even obsessions – after all Pluto IS the lord of the Underworld – which is not the nicest place to be in…

    But the higher side of this unique combination follows the fact that Pluto has two houses – one in the Underworld and the other on Mount Olympus, and at will he can  swiftly change his location and take his seat as one of the 3 important leaders of the Pantheon.

    In the same fashion, the conjunction of Pluto and Venus these days can help us make the needed changes from within, changes to  create a new sustainable base, from which we can change old paradigms, open some cages and even overcome impulses to do with love and relationships – and replace them with more enlightened and higher perceptions that allow us to see love itself in a different light.

    For the ladies amongst us – metamorphosis can also be made in this time concerning  the way we perceive ourselves as women, the way we perceive our own femininity and beauty – and the way we perceive other women and beauty in general.

    This unique combination might even allow us to get rid of lower emotions that restrain us and replace them with higher feelings that open our hearts and possibilities.


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