• Venus and Saturn Conjunction

    Posted on October 30, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    This week we can easily see Venus and Saturn in conjunction to one another in the evening’s skies.

    Venus is the brightest star, first to shine after dark, and bigger and brighter by far than all the other visible celestial bodies in the evening hours.. You do need to hurry though, as Venus sets to the West a couple of hours after sunset. Very close to Venus, and a bit above it if you’re living in the Northern hemisphere,  (below Venus in the southern hemisphere) you will see a dim reddish  star – and this is Saturn.

    By the way – another reddish star is also in that area – beneath Venus (again – in the northern hemisphere). That would be Antares – the biggest star of the Scorpio constellation, and one of the biggest Suns in the known Milky Way.

    So Venus and Saturn are in conjunction in Scorpio – and this, of-course, is not only beautiful to see, but also has  a strong astrological affect upon us (which you can read more about in your elaborated weekly astrological forecast).


    Venus will not stay close to Saturn forever though, as Venus is moving very fast, about one degree per day. Next week it will already be a bit more to the east than Saturn, and in a few weeks time in a completely different astrological realm – where Venus will meet its mythological lover – Mars – but this is a completely different story, one we will open up in due time…


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