• Under the Sea – When the Sun and Neptune Conjunct

    Posted on February 22, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts

    This week the Sun is going to transit over Neptune. This of course is how we are seeing it here, from Earth. In actuality Neptune is much further away from the Sun, but once a year, as we see it from Earth, it seems as though the Sun is passing in front of Neptune, creating a perfect line between us, the Sun and the God of the Sea. This transition has a special astrological affect upon us, and this year the effect is doubled due to the conjunction of Venus and Mars that occurs exactly at the same time…

    Neptune, also known as Poseidon (in Greek) is the mythological God of the Sea, Ruler of the Waves, the Nymphs and Sirens.

    Neptune is one of the three brothers – Jupiter (Zeus), Pluto (Hades) and Neptune (Poseidon).

    Jupiter is the ruler of the Earth and Skies, Pluto – of the Underworld, and Neptune of the mystical place in between – the Oceans.

    For the Ancient Ones, the ocean was the passage between the safe land and the After-World. The Oceans being that fascinating yet frightening place where the usual laws do not work – thing are slower, more meditative, more conductive –and of course- under water.

    The oceans, the water and Neptune as their lord, are an analogue to this special place which is neither reality nor imagination – it is the place where inspiration and intuition reside, where connections can be made with the transcendental world.

    During this time of conjunction of the Sun and Neptune (once a year) a special doorway opens for us to these mystical realms. Our intuition is enhanced, we can be filled with inspiration, have vivid dreams and fly on the flying carpet of imagination which sometimes becomes real…

    Yet – we should be aware of Neptune’s traps as well, as these imaginary worlds can be sometimes too fascinating and too alluring, making us a bit confused and sometimes causing us to drift away from our chosen path, just as the Sirens lured the sailors with their song to jump into the sea…

    If we know how not to let confusion take hold of us – we can enjoy this wonderful inspirational week with all its magic…



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