• Time to Take Care of Small Details.

    Posted on November 23, 2013 by in Astrological Forecasts

    This week Mars is entering a new astrological realm.

    Mars is the planet that controls the fashion we do things. It changes its location every 10 weeks or so, and with its shift – so do we change…

    During the last two months Mars was traveling through the astrological realm of “the Swan”. From there it caused us to do things BIG and DRAMATICALY.  It was the time for big leaders and big acts.

    This week Mars is entering the astrological realm of “Abundance”.  From there is causes us to start taking care of all the little details. This will be the time to become much more precise and make sure we tend to all the little components.

    This is the time to shift from big declarations to little, but sure, steps towards the goal. This is the time for taking care of the “behind the screen’s” bureaucracy, the time for carefully creating contracts, time for cleaning and organizing.

    Mars currant influence will continue to affect us during the next 2 months, during which can learn  about being practical, and attend to the material side in order to achieve our big-big dreams.

    (Picture: The 6th House card, from Karni Zor’s Holistic Astrological Deck)


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