• Thoughts Coming to Life

    Posted on July 13, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    power of the mindMany celestial bodies are changing their location in the skies these days – allowing us new perspectives, new windows of opportunity, new levels for our development and new perspectives about life.

    A major move happens today (Sunday), as Mars both moves into a new astrological realm, and conjuncts the True Node. This shift occurs under the influence of a full moon, and I have written in length about it here (click to read more).

    If we look closer at the dance between Mars and the True Node we will see that after today’s conjunction, the two are actually “switching” astrological realms.  The True Node is leaving the realm of Creation, where it has travelled for the last year, moving to the realm of Abundance (the True Node’s regular course is to move “backwards” on the zodiac). And Mars leaves the realm of Abundance, where it has been on and off for about half a year – and moves into the realm of Creation.

    The realm of Creation is all about our ability to create our world by the power of  thought, and the switch between the True Node being there, and Mars being there – is crucial.

    The True Node’s position in the realm of Creation for the last year gave us many lessons and challenges, urging us to achieve the necessary development to do with our ability to have such a powerful mind that it can manifest things. It might have challenged our belief that we can do so, it might have checked what it is we think – because not all we think we would actually want to come alive, and it helped us (by some struggles and mirrors) to change some unwanted thought-patterns that have been blocking us from achieving the life we want to have.

    Just as the True Node, hopefully, has completed its lessons -Mars moves in. Mars gives much power to our thoughts in the realm of Creation, making it much easier, and even sometimes unstoppable – to create our world with our thoughts. For better and for worse,  what we think about – will most likely manifest in our lives for the next two weeks.

    And this occurs after, hopefully, we have our thoughts worked out.

    The problem is that if we haven’t made the mental adjustments needed, haven’t learned the lessons about the power of our thoughts, and haven’t dealt with our thought patterns –  we can also find fears and bad dreams coming to life at these times.

    For the developed person – this will be a wonderful window of opportunities, lasting two months, to bring to life all that we have worked at and know we want in our life and in the world. But in these crazy times we need to keep in mind that we might also see unthinkable things (unthinkable by us, that is) come to life, as other people’s un-worked-out thoughts and desires come to life as well.


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