• Things Look Larger in the Mirror…

    Posted on January 4, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts

    The Sun now conjuncts Pluto. What it actually means is that when we see the Sun in the skies, right behind it – a few good light seconds from it – Pluto resides. This unique alignment between Pluto, the Sun and Earth causes the light we receive from the Sun to be influenced by Pluto’s frequency.

    Pluto is the smallest planet of our solar system. Some scientists even say it does not qualify  as planet at all – due to its small size – but we astrologers know its affect and pay it the highest respect.

    Just as in the homotherapic principle – the smaller something is – the bigger the affect it has.

    Pluto, also known as the Greek Hades, was the mythological Lord of the Underworld: very strong and powerful, taking everything to the extreme. Pluto is a strong magnet that pulls us towards it in an instinctive, uncontrollable fashion. It holds the secrets of the unknown and the inevitable. And with its extremes – it can lead us either to obsession, or to enlightenment.

    The combination of Pluto and the Sun in alignment with Earth makes everything look and be extreme. These are very intense days, with much promise and much danger in them, tangled together.

    Retrograding Jupiter adds to the plot, as it too, on its own account, makes things look larger and exaggerated.

    At this time it is very important to be on the alert – as the sign on the car’s mirror says:  things look larger than they are in reality. It is important to stay cool and balanced, to keep things in proportions and not get carried away to the extremes.

    This is a time to practice restraint, and a time to build our character, working by our developed choices and not by our automatic-instinctive-animal-reactions.

    An Holistic Astrology Card to meditate upon during the conjunction (the beginning of the week): Pluto – so we can learn more about it and get in touch with its illuminated end of its influence, and not its lower end.


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