• The United Logical Front

    Posted on April 12, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    God's mathematicsThis week the Sun, Mercury and Uranus are working in conjunction. These 3 celestial bodies are of a masculine frequency –  logic and rational. So the power of logic and common sense is strong this week and even if we want to connect to new ideas – they will probably appear as a Knowing, or in a very logical way.

    But opposing this “united logical front” there is Mars, retrograding, that makes it very difficult to actually act upon whatever is logical. So it is very hard to get moving and actually do things that seems really reasonable!

    The way to by-pass Mars is to go with Pluto and Jupiter, which rule another platform and create another path to go through. And that would mean (in down-to-earth terms) to go at things on a deeper level and allow whatever comes in to make a change in us (Pluto) and only then we can radiate whatever we are meant to radiate and in a very successful light and bright way (Jupiter).



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