• The Three Levels of Astrology

    Posted on March 29, 2015 by in A New Astrology, Astrology and Development

    starsWe are used to think that astrology is the affect of the celestial bodies upon us.

    But actually there are higher levels to astrology than that. There are levels to astrology which have to do with personal development, spiritual development, universal connection and evolution.


    Level 1 – The Automatic Response

    The first level of astrology, the more commonly known one – is the level in which we are being affected by it.

    Even if a person has no clue about astrology, the celestial dance is affecting their lives never the less. The movement of the planets, moons and sun press different buttons in us, causing us to respond in all sorts of ways. Some of these buttons will cause us to be weak or tired, others – happy and full of confidence. Some might even make us wiser for certain periods of time, but still – we are like marionettes to the celestial bodies’ movements, which are pulling our strings. At this level astrology affects us without us practicing our free will or choice. It affects us in an automatic way, mostly without us even being aware of its influence.


    Astrology_Within_ Credit Astroway dot inLevel 2 – Becoming Responsible

    At a higher level a person might become aware that certain celestial influences make them act in a certain way. A person might see a pattern behind their behavior, start to be aware of some cosmic law that affects them, try to see the relationship between the causation (nature and the natural laws) and the results (our responses).

    At this level the reaction to the celestial and natural influences upon us becomes less automatic, for the person starts to see the things that affect them. A person starts to monitor the trends, be aware of their behavior, connect between the behavior and the pattern or natural law that causes it. A person starts to see the patterns of their lives and the buttons that are being pressed. For example – a lady might notice a certain behavior or emotional trend that repeats itself in accordance to the moon’s cycles, or Mercury’s cycles. By being aware of the influence she is no longer subject to it, for she can now choose to act in a different way.

    Whilst most of nature has no choice but to react to the celestial dance – and that includes the seasons – the human being is the only creature that can decide to act in a different way than its natural instinct.

    This second level is a high level. This is the level of awareness, of free will and of personal development. At this level we start to build our self-selected assembly, and our own unique path. We start to build strong character, standards and principles.

    This is when a person rises above his or hers predictable responses and does not lower their standards even if the celestial position pushes their buttons.


    power of the mindLevel 3 – Co-respondent with the Universe

    There is an even higher level than personal development. At this third level a person might understand that the universe is a living entity, which all the celestial bodies are a part of, and in which the human race has a special function.

    The universe is a breathing, living, growing and developing entity – we see it everywhere: it is all growing in spirals, expanding – as many things do in nature. Suns create planets, planets create moons – and the moons in their own time will grown to become planets.

    In this fascinating automatic machine-  light is radiated, energy is released and used…

    And in this automatic amazing machine – the human being is a unique part, for we are the only ones that can act and react in a fashion that is not automatic.

    The sun radiates energy upon earth creating many automatic wonderful responses – starting with day and night and continuing with growth and the change of form. But we, human beings, are the only creatures that can take the sunlight and do with it something that is not automatic: use it for solar energy; use it to write books; use it to see the world and write poetry about it…

    The stars shine upon us and radiate light, but human beings are the only ones that can look at the stars and name them, study them, write their music, tell their stories, dream about them – and hopefully radiate something back to the stars.

    By that human kind begins to radiate back towards the skies something that might be of use; something new, unique combinations, next steps. The human being is the responsive part of the universe, and its evolving part.

    So – tonight, whilst looking at the stars – we might want to ask ourselves – what am I radiating towards the stars? We might ask ourselves what do the stars see when they look at earth?

    And whilst reading our forecast or chart, instead of asking: “what is the astrological affect upon ME this week” we might want to ask: “how can I be of help to the universe today?”.