• The Sun-Saturn Alignment

    Posted on December 10, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    SaturnOnce a year the two celestial bodies – the Sun and Saturn – meet.

    Well, they don’t really meet – do they? They are separated by 1.4 milliard kilometers, which is about one and a half light hours away from each other. And yet – astrologers say “the Sun and Saturn conjunct”.

    What it really means is that as  seen from Earth, on these days there is a perfect alignment between Earth, the Sun and Saturn. If we could look at and through the Sun we would see behind it a small dot – the furthest planet still visible to our eyes – Saturn.

    And this alignment is crucial, because it means that the light that our Sun sends to our planet these days is “colored” by Saturn’s frequency.

    So – who is Saturn and how will this alignment affect us?

    Saturn is named after the Roman god which in Greek times was known as Coronus – Master of Time.

    Saturn was Uranus’ son and Jupiter’s father.

    Uranus was the primal creator, but the world he created was chaotic. Saturn needed to restrain his father and place in  the world  rules and order.

    But as the days passed Saturn’s regime became more and more rigid, until one day his own son did to him what he once  did to his father.  Jupiter,the  son, imprisoned his father Saturn  and took over the rule of the world.

    Saturn’s story, amongst other things, shows us the karmic principle of that which we do will eventually come back to us…

    Saturn represents rules, regularities, order – but also restrictions and constraints. Naturally – when the light coming to Earth from the Sun is washed by Saturn’s frequencies – these will not be the easiest of times.

    This is the time where things we have not learned yet will present themselves to us in the manner of challenges we will need to face and overcome. These are not random difficulties – rather this is the time of facing challenges that are important to us, things we MUST learn to overcome in our lives, things that our soul has chosen to learn whilst visiting here on Earth.

    The lessons and challenges that appear these days are there for us to learn from. And we can also look at this time as an actual gift – for as we overcome the challenges presented to us these days we can actually become immune to these issues so that they will not be presented to us once again  in the future.


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