• The Sun in Astrology and Ancient Cultures

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    The Sun is the center of our solar system. It is its causation, its creator and provider. It is the focal point around which all the planets of our solar system revolve. It is an endless source of energy, the source of everything in our solar system and the very thing that continues to give its creation life.

    We have to remember something very important – and that is that the Sun is not a planet – it is actually a star – just as all the stars we see in the skies are suns that have their own solar system and planets that revolve around them.

    Our Sun is a star – meaning an active, nuclear celestial body that creates and radiates its own energy. It is of a higher octave than all the other celestial bodies of our solar system, – which are planets, moon or asteroids.

    The Sun is the star in the middle of our solar system. It is quite a small star, but in astrology we do not mind that – for it holds the principle of a star, and by being a star it can also help us connect to all the other stars in the universe.

    The Sun is about 110 times the size of Earth and it is 8 light minutes away from us – meaning the light we see from the sun was actually sent 8 minutes before we get it.

    Its astrological symbol is a circle with a dot in the middle, depicting the Sun as the central point of our solar system and the sun’s brightness illuminating its creation.

    The Sun is the very thing that created us and gives us life.

    The Sun appears in many mythologies and religions as a major influence. People through the ages looked at it and realized its importance as the provider of life, energy and warmth. The Sun in these mythologies, is usually a god, and a male-god.

    We can see the Sun-Gods in many cultures, in the past and present, throughout the world :

    For the Greeks the Sun was Apollo – the God of Arts, driving his winged chariot in the skies.

    The Egyptians saw in the Sun a whole set of gods, as the different phases of the sun represented to them different gods – and that would make sense for a culture living in the Sun-ruled dessert: there’s Horus representing the rising young Sun, also depicted as a falcon,  the Father-God Ra was the mid-day Sun, depicted as the all-seeing eye in the skies and sometimes depicted as the winged disk. The Egyptians also had the Scarab-God, rolling the disk of the Sun up in the skies every day.

    And even Jesus Christ with the beams of light coming out of his head and the Sun-halo above him as depicted in religious Christian art, reminds us of the Sun.

    The Persians described the human spirit as the winged disc that wants to join its Father-Sun in the skies – so the Sun, or the radiating core, is not only in the skies, but it is also present in each one of us. And this is something for us to remember, when we want to learn astrology –

    For the celestial bodies are not only “something out there’ they are also describing parts in us. And when we talk about  mythology or a symbol we would want to ask ourselves what it means about our life, and how it appears in us – for as Hermes Tris Magistus said “as above – so below”.

    When we try to look at the Sun as a part of ourselves, or ask ourselves “what is my sun”,  the Sun could represent many things.

    The Sun represents our eternal radiating essence, our ambitions and desires that steer our conscious path. It represents our steady core and things that are indelible in our lives. It represents our consciousness and our own higher inner guide.

    As the Greek Apollo the Sun is connected to our talents – as the things that radiate out of us -the arts – representing our creation. It is also connected to the 5th astrological House – which is among other things the House of Arts and Self-Expression.


    the SunWords that will go with the Sun are: center, constancy, core, power, consciousness, expression. And more words will come with the Sun as we continue to learn about it.

    At this point, in order to get more personally acquainted with the Sun you might want to ask yourself some questions, maybe even write down the answers:

    What are my burning desires?

    Do I have a steady and constant inner core?

    What is my inner core made of?

    Around what things does my life revolve?

    What are the things in my life that are constant?

    What is radiating out of me?


    The answers we give might start to give us some clues as to what is our inner sun, and if we need perhaps to take on some personal developmental work in order to have our inner sun radiating in a more steady and constant manner.




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