• The Sun in the Realm of Giving

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    Giving and Receiving in Spirals,

    Going up the Developmental Journey

    Every month the Sun creates an alignment with a different astrological realm, and we have the chance to climb up the ladder of development via a different route. This month, starting mid July and ending mid August, the Sun is in alignment with the Astrological Realm of Giving, and by that a unique developmental pathway unfolds and is offered to us – the Developmental Pathway of Giving.

    Many new- age courses and books talk about a circle of abundance – about the fact that if you give to another person you are tuning yourself to abundance and eventually you will start receiving as well.

    What is represented here is a bit different, for it talks about giving not in order to receive something of the same sort – but rather to receive something of a different octave. So we will not give love in order to receive love, not give care in order to receive care, and not give money in order to receive money.  We are trying something else here…

    If we add to the circle of Giving a developmental ladder, we combine the feminine circle and the masculine line to create something completely new – a spiral. And we would want to describe our spiritual development as an upward spiral, and not a circle or a line.

    But let’s take it step by step.


    spiralThe Circle of Giving

    People say that when we feel depleted, a way to put ourselves in a flow of richness and abundance is to start giving to other people. The cosmic law says that when you give something you create a vacancy and also you create a sense of abundance – and then things can start pouring in to your life. But actually we can see around us many people who give to others – healers, teachers, and parents – who do not manage to climb up to a better state by their giving. Instead they give and give to others, and seem not to be able to recharge themselves. So – how can it be? What is done wrong here?

    Let’s start with the fact that when we actually feel depleted and angry – this is not the state we’d want to start giving from. What we create then is the cycle of depletion and anger, and not a cycle of care and abundance. Instead of giving from a lower state we need to do what it takes in order to bring ourselves up to a higher elevated state.

    Before giving we need to place ourselves in a state of gratitude and to find the things we can really give without counting the cost. This can be a smile to another person, or  advice coming from our reference and skills – obvious to us but helpful for the other person. A good thing to recognize is that things that seem to us as very natural and obvious – may be treasures for other people. So we do not need to give people gifts or money – there is plenty of other things we have and can give freely.

    Making a list or being aware of these things that we can really give freely, can help put us in a more elevated state, a state of gratitude in which our cup runs over with things that for us seem quite trivial – but are precious for others. We want to give from our over-flow and not give the things that we feel we ourselves are lacking.

    The other “catch” we’d want to avoid when we are giving – is to expect gratitude or to expect the same sort of thing to come back to us from the universe or other people.

    And why not  search for thanks, why not  expect to get back that which we have given (love for love, money for money)?

    We can take some examples from nature that will make this principle much clearer..

    In nature, one species’ waste is the other’s food. The plants “eat” our CO2, which for us is toxic and for them good food. The plants love the manure of animals – again: one’s species’ waste is the other’s food. Strings and dead branches from plants which have no further use to the plants make the bird’s nest and so on…

    And then think about it – the cow that gives manure to the plants – does not want back any gratitude, nor a pile of manure ! What it will eat are the plants themselves as they grow from the manure they have received. A man does not search to get back the CO2 he “has lost” – does he? No. instead he enjoys the ability to breath and use the fresh oxygen in many many ways.

    So – why is that most people want to receive back love when they give love? Or receive back a present when they give one?


    The Ladder of Development

    The idea of the ladder of development talks about the fact that as we give something we do not need, we can use the vacancy that was created not in order to get a refill of the same thing we have just given, but rather in order to receive something from the next level, the next octave.

    Teaching that which we know – will allow us to reach the next steps of knowledge. Giving love and care to someone will allow us to reach deeper and wider levels of feelings inside of us, in the territory of personal development – and as we practice our personal development and allow other people to develop – we are open to receiving the next levels of development.

    So true giving not only creates a circle of abundance that allows the flow of things from the same level, but rather allows an ongoing elevating spiral in which we give what for us is already natural and obvious – and by that we are open to receive the next steps of personal, emotional and spiritual development.

    This month, as the Sun is in alignment with the astrological realm of Giving this lesson and understanding will be more prominent in our lives, but it is always relevant..



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