• The Sun in the Astrological Realm of the Key

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    letters-637441_640Every day Earth moves another degree in its journey revolving its father – the Sun. Because of this movement it seems to us, on Earth, as though every day the Sun moves by one degree in the great circle of the Zodiac.

    In this gigantic round-table, from our perspective, the Sun completes a tour in each one of the 12 astrological realms every month (or 30 degrees) and appears in another area of the Zodiac every 30 days or so.

    As Earth, the Sun and all the celestial bodies change perspectives in the galactic scenery that actually has little change, we have the opportunity to see the universe from different perspectives, and as we know, different perspectives upon life give us different lessons and different possibilities.


    clouds-808748_640The Sun represents our higher awareness, or our conscious. And as it is seen to be in a different galactic scene each month, it will allow us, during the year, to have a taste of the different 12 frequencies that surround our solar system and hint of the distant neighborhoods we are in, with the higher opportunities that are embedded within.


    Each astrological month, as the Sun seems to shine on us from a different astrological realm, our life can connect to a certain frequency, one of twelve. And with that frequency comes certain possibilities, gifts, lessons, processes and so on.

    And these will appear year after year for us to re-visit, re-engage with, re-taste…


    The Key by Karni ZorIn the month of The Key (mid May to mid June, as the dates change a bit from year to year) we can engage with the known, and well-written about, quest after The Key.


    Everybody is in search of a different key, since everybody wants to open a different gate… one will seek the key for happiness, one the key of love, one will seek the key of success, the key for peace or the key for spiritual enlightment…

    The Key we look for can change in different periods of our lives…

    During this month we must remember that we are in a higher search. We can reconnect to our quest that from time to time is forgotten in the hurry-scurry of life. And some more steps towards finding the key can be taken during this time, which is a spiritual one.

    As we grow and touch this quest we might discover that the Key we are in search of is, of course, not a tangible one.

    Many mythologies and stories tell of this human quest to find the key that will unlock any treasure, any mystery: the quest for the Holy Grail is the quest after enlightment; the quest for the man that will pull Excaliber from the rock is the search for justice, freedom and true leadership, the quest after the wizard of Oz is the quest for the strengths that lay within…

    And always it seems that the search itself is the most important part, as the quest itself reveals the keys hidden within each one of us…


    The month of the Key is aimed to remind us that we are here in a search for the higher and more profound: A search that actually never ends, but helps us to continue engaging with our spiritual ever-lasting quest.

    (Picture – the Key card from Karni Zor’s Holistic Astrological Cards, illustrated by Maya Toby-Raveh)


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