• The Sun in the astrological Realm of Abundance

    Posted on September 23, 2017 by in A New Astrology, Astrological Forecasts, New Astrological Realms

    abundanceAre we thankful of the abundance that life offers? Can we recognize the treasures around us? Do we appreciate the multitude of possibilities? As we enjoy the Abundance, and recognize and thank god’s grace, we allow it to continue pouring in.

    One a year, for a whole month, the Sun is in alignment with the astrological realm of Abundance. When this happens, between mid September and mid October, we can all connect to the important developmental pathway that teaches us to appreciate the plenty we live in.

    Each month the skies present to us another personal and spiritual journey, for us to undertake. The Abundance developmental pathway, that is open before us this month, teaches us to recognize the treasures around us and to appreciate the multitude of possibilities. As we enjoy the Abundance, recognizing and giving thanks for God’s grace, we allow it to continue pouring in; pouring into us, pouring into the whole of humankind and pouring into the Universe. This is an interesting pathway that actually teaches us about joy.

    Sometimes a life of personal and spiritual development can become a life of challenges and struggles, but actually one of the higher states to be in is the state in which we can enjoy life, enjoy the world, the universe and what it has to offer, and fully participate in it.


    Enjoying life does not mean having a reckless, self-centered way of acting which revolves only around fun. The ability to deeply enjoy life should derive from the appreciation of the abundance put here by God for our use. The ability to enjoy the beauty and richness around us is the ability to experience life fully with its flavors, music, colors and more. By doing that we show appreciation for all there is around us, and to its creator. When we appreciate the world’s expression we can also start to allow ourselves to express ourselves fully.

    The month of Abundance will be the month to appreciate and give thanks for all there is, a month in which to remember to participate fully in life by living it fully.




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