• The Sun Enters the Realm of the Dolphin – Let the Change In!

    Posted on December 14, 2013 by in Astrological Forecasts

    On December 16th the Sun will enter the astrological realm of the Dolphin, and a new light will be shed upon our lives.

    Each month, as seen from Earth, the Sun travels in another one of the 12 astrological realms. Each day the Sun advances another degree in that certain realm and after a month it leaves that certain realm and enters the next.   And by that we have each month – and if you want, even each day – the possibility to see life, the world and ourselves in a different light.

    In this never ending journey, each month, the Sun sheds light from a different section of the 360 degrees of possibilities and views.

    In each astrological month we can take some more steps towards advancing into one of the 12 possibilities of development.

    In each astrological month there is a lesson for us to learn that is specifically for us.

    In the month of the Dolphin, December 16 – January 15th *, as the Sun travels this realm and the light entering earth is colored by the Dolphin’s frequency, a light of freedom and flow enters our life and the gate of CHANGE is open for us.

    The Dolphin reminds us that in order not to become frozen we need the time to enable change to happen to us.

    This month will teach us a few things about change and the ability to be flexible, as the changes we want to see in our lives will have to occur at first inside of us.

    * These are the dates when the Sun travels the Realm of the Dolphin true to today, but the dates change from time to time as the sidereal chart drifts backwards by a degree (or a day) every 72 years.


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