• The Sun between Neptune and Chiron

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    Mercury is retrograding and because of that our logic doesn’t really work well, and neither do our common sense and communication skills. Everything that has to do with the left hemisphere of the brain is a bit “off”.

    But as one path in the skies is “clogged” another one opens for us. And although Mercury is playing tricks on us, the Sun’s path is definitely in our favor!

    The Sun is in conjunction with two planets this week: Neptune and Chiron. Both planets are connected to the right and intuitive side of our brain. Neptune is the inviter of intuition, inspiration and spirituality, and Chiron is the holder of healing powers.

    The Sun’s path through these planets opens for us a whole new path to walk through, maybe less known and unfamiliar – but wonderful nevertheless.

    This is the time to find out that when common sense doesn’t work  – we better use our intuition;  when logic fails – it’s time to connect to our spiritual sources and when communications break down – we better use our healing powers.

    This is a very good week to meditate upon the Neptune and Chiron cards from the Holistic Astrological Cards deck (created by Karni Zor) in order to enhance the usage of the path they now offer. Picture above.


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