• The Sun and Venus are Shining Over Saturn

    Posted on November 15, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Last week Saturn entered the Astrological realm of “the Gate”. This week both the Sun and Venus are joining Saturn in the realm of the Gate, so all three celestial bodies are in conjunction.

    Saturn, in a nut shell, is the planet of difficulties and constraints, but the appearance of loving Venus and the bright Sun next to it – brighten up the gloomy skies!

    Saturn is the Lord of  Karma, and as written at length last week, its new position is about teach us certain life lessons that will take us a whole two and a half years to get through –

    BUT –

    At this special astrological time the Sun illuminates Saturn’s lessons, and makes whatever Saturn wants to teach us very clear to us. With awareness, it easy to recognize Saturn’s traps and not to fall into them, and it easy to recognize the lessons and successfully absorb them.

    Venus adds harmony to the whole situation – and it is as if we are dancing-lightly through developmental situations that otherwise could have been really difficult and long.


    As a result of this unique and blessed conjunction, a special doorway opens that enables us during this month to learn Saturn’s lessons in a most harmonious and effortless way, instead of dragging the same lessons over and over for the next two and a half years!

    What we need in order for that to happen is to use our awareness!

    And this means:

    1. To see the difficulties that stand in our way.
    2. To be aware of them!
    3. To recognize that these constraints or difficulties are the result of a lesson that we have not yet learned.
    4. To pay attention to the lesson, to take real notice of it and what it tells us to do differently in our lives.
    5. To consciously choose a different path of behavior to avoid the mistakes of the past.

    If we manage to do that, then the gates of Saturn will open before us and the things that were supposed to be difficult in our lives for the next two years, will have a lesser and lesser affect upon us, and maybe even become unnoticeable!



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