• The Sun and Pluto in Alignment

    Posted on January 7, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts

    PlutoThis week the Sun and Pluto create a perfect alignment with planet Earth. This means that if we draw a line that continues to the far distance, directly from where the Sun is now located – we will reach Pluto.

    This annual alignment holds special opportunities, but also calls for some certain awareness..

    So – let’s see who Pluto is and what this alignment causes in our lives!

    Pluto is the most distant celestial body in our solar system that is included in astrology (untilnow, as things might change in the future…). Today it’s already known that there are other celestial bodies which orbit the Sun and exceed Pluto, but still – in astrology it represents this far-away band which is situated at the edge of our known world.

    Pluto is named after the Roman lord of the underworld. In Greek times he was called Hades, and together with his two brothers – Zeus (Jupiter) and Poseidon (Neptune), they ruled the world. Jupiter was the governor of Earth and Skies, Neptune – ruler of the seas and imagination, and Pluto – lord of the Underworld.


    Although the underworld sounds very gloomy to us, we need to know that in Roman times the underworld was not the Hell we all have in mind. It was actually the land of passage for all departing souls. On the other side of the underworld, at its lowest point, there was a special doorway to be used by Pluto and those who were considered  mighty – a doorway that led directly to Mount Olympus – the residence of heroes and gods.

    Pluto symbolizes the complete transformation, the most extreme metamorphosis possible. Changes like the passage between life and death, or the ability to rise from the pit’s bottom to Mount Olympus. In the daily application,  these changes usually refer toinner changes, and changes of perceptions that makeus see the whole world, and our lives, in a completely different way.

    Pluto, in the personal astrological chart, will also represent that which drags us with it, like a huge magnet, into possessiveness or depression.


    So – what does the Sun-Pluto alignment imply  about our lives in the coming week?

    These days the Sun, the major generator of life, is in alignment with Pluto (as it seems from Earth). Therefore the Sun brings the new universal  input in the flavor, or color, of Pluto. This combination opens magical doorways, but does hold some dangers, since after all – it’s Pluto, lord of the underworld,  who we are dealing with.

    This special week allows us to complete changes and finish moves that have already started. This is the time to “go all the way” with things we want to do or change, with our projects or with the personal development we want to see in our lives. Pluto also enables us now to have much strength, power and the drive to do things. This is the time to go with all our might forward and see that which we want to  manifest – to actualize.

    But on the other hand – we do have to be very careful with the Plutonian frequency of this time. Things can easily go from a healthy change into radicalism, perfectionism or obsession.

    We will need to find the thin line between giving things all the power they need and finding the point where to stop.

    If we  find the delicate balance and learn how to do things with all our might, and yet not get into destruction or possessiveness – this can be a week of many accomplishments: aweek to see some of the changes we dreamt of – come true.


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