• The Red Satellite

    Posted on March 23, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Planet-MarsOn March 1st the red planet Mars, Roman God of War, started its retrogression, which we followed here in our forecasts. Mars’ retrogression will continue till May 20th.

    This week, in its journey “backwards” Mars changes location in the skies and now, as we can clearly see in the evening skies, it is in the Astrological Realm of Abundance, touching the Virgo constellation.

    Mars is also getting closer and closer to Earth these days so it looks bigger and brighter than ever – easily to be mistaken for a red satellite in the skies, reminding us of Jupiter with its brightness, only red! (Take a look!!)

    It is recommended to read here about Mars’ retrogression and its effect upon us – as its red temper continues to “boil up our blood” these days…


    Satellite gone way up to Mars…


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