• The Realm of the Dolphin (December 15 – January 13)

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    dolphinsThe astrological realm of the Dolphin includes in it the constellation known as Sagittarius. This group of stars known as the Sagittarius has a special character, very noticeable – if you’re open to it – especially noticeable when compared to the two constellations near it, Scorpio and Capricorn.

    The Scorpio constellation (in the Realm of the Gate) includes a very huge set ofs tars, very clear, big and dominant that creates the perfect figure of what clearly looks like a scorpion. The Capricorn, although softer in nature and less dominant in the skies – has a perfect diamond shape (hence the name given to the astrological realm that hosts this constellation – the Realm of the Diamond).

    And between these two very clear-figured constellations there’s Sagittarius… a random spread of many tiny, gentle, twinkling stars, dispersed happily and freely without any specific  order or form.

    The way the constellation of Sagittarius looks tells about the character of the universal frequency arriving from this constellation.
    In Ancient Egypt’s time, when the constellations were given names, this constellation was named after the Archer. Later on in Greek times it was described as a centaur – the mythological creature half horse half human, holding a bow and arrow. Today we may not understand what the archer symbolizes. We might think of hunting and of war and have Robin Hood and Wilhelm Tell in our mind, but for the Egyptians,  the Archer (the Sagittarius) held quite a different meaning.

    For the Egyptians the ability to ride a horse and use bows and arrows symbolized progress, the cutting edge of technology and development and even evolution, and  tells about rising above  human limits and expanding beyond the known boundaries, being able to do more and go further than what was once physically possible to human kind. The Egyptians were open to the star’s frequencies and the Archer felt to them as the symbol that best resonates with the certain frequency of this constellation. But as time passed on the meaning was lost and the name remained a bit hollow…

    As the names of the constellation lost their relevancy I found the need to give the astrological constellations/realms new names.

    The name I chose for this unique, joyful and gentle constellation is The Dolphin.


    The Dolphin is an intelligent, communicative and friendly animal. It symbolizes the ultimate freedom.

    The Dolphin is not a fish, yet it lives in the water. And the thing the Dolphin teaches us is Flexibility. It teaches us about the ability to change according to need; to let IN the things that want to promote us and take part in the next stage of evolution as we change according to our surroundings in a way that will transform us completely.

    The 12 astrological realms can be perceived as 12 celestial gates through which cosmic influences can come in and development can flow out. They can also be understood as 12 paths of development, 12 ladders to reach the stars, 12 portals to spiritual connections,  12 possibilities for  human kind, 12 facets of truth…


    There are 3 kinds Realms, and they connect to the three possibilities or modes seen all over, as they are part of a cosmic law: Electricity’s Plus, Minus and neutral; the electrons Proton, Electron and Neutron, the egg’s shell, white and yolk and so on…

    The first kind of astrological realms would be the kind that has to do with the ability to do things, act and change the world. They will be the Plus-charactered realms.

    The second kind of astrological realms would be about maintaining, keeping and holding all that is arriving to earth and generated on earth – these would be the Neutral-charactered realms

    And there is the third kind of astrological realms – the kind that will enable us to go through the wanted change, transform and get updated. They will be the Minus-charactered realms.

    The 4 astrological realms that enable change are The Dolphin, The Lake, Flow and Abundance, and they represent 4 kinds of possible change towards development: change in the material level (Earth=Abundance), change in the emotional level (Water=The Lake), mental change (Air=Flow) and spiritual change (Fire=Dolphin).

    The Realm of the Dolphin is about the possible spiritual change that human kind can go through in order to evolve and go upwards on the ladder of development. This realm holds the possibility for change and teaches us the lessons we need to learn in order to really spiritually transform. This realm is about taking in the new FIRE we were hungry for and looked for in our spiritual journey. It is about letting in the new and high frequencies and really allowing them to transform us. The mythological creature that holds this essence as well is the phoenix – the wondrous bird that gets burnt and reborn and symbolizes the complete metamorphosis.

    When we begin our spiritual journey we have to take into account that the person that will meet the TRUTH would not be the same person that began the journey, as on the way much of this person’s character, thoughts and feelings are shed, just as the Dolphin, that has left behind the 4 legged mammal it once was.


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