• The Power of our Thoughts

    Posted on November 10, 2013 by in Astrological Forecasts

    These are the last few days for the Sun to visit the realm of “creation”. On Thursday, November 14th the Sun will shift and enter the realm of “The Gate” and with it our perceptions, understandings and focus will change.

    Until Thursday we still have time to experience the Realm of Creation’s frequency – a frequency that makes the power of our thoughts much more potent. The frequency  allows us a better understanding of our ability to be our own creators, creating our world with our thoughts and words.

    But something else allows us to do more with our thoughts than we did before,  –

    As I write Mercury is ending its retrogression and getting back to its usual course. So our thinking can be much clearer now.  These last few days of the sun being in the realm of creation without Mercury’ retrogression (November 10 – November 14) hold more possibilities to really experience this special time than the whole month that preceded it, because Mercury’s retrogression did not allow us to really connect to the full ability of the power of our thoughts.

    This is a good time to clear our thoughts, crystallize them, be focused, and decide precisely what it is we want to create. On these special days, more than ever, to think it is to create it.


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