• The Month of the Lake

    Posted on March 27, 2016 by in A New Astrology, Astrology and Development, New Astrological Realms

    lakeThe Lake is inside of us and outside of us.

    The inner lake is the place where all our little developmental steps and insights can integrate into one big whole.

    The outer lake is the bigger picture, where everything is inter-connected.


    The month of the Lake (mid March to mid-April) allows us to integrate the little steps of development into one high elevated state. It also teaches us to see all that is around us is actually a part of one, big unit – just as the universe is composed of many stars and galaxies and our body is composed of many cells.

    The lake is the place where it all comes together and we get to grasp that it is all a part of a bigger picture. In the lake we are not concerned with the details anymore. We now can start to see what the bigger picture tells us and implies.

    The lake is the universe we are part of – colored by many colors, composed of many frequencies working ensemble. From the higher point of view we do not see the differences any more. And though the fish and the waves and the crab might hold different characters, when looking at the broader picture it is now understood they are but a set of frequencies that compose the whole.

    The lake has many rivers leading to it, different pathways of development, pathways of different tasks and character, but eventually it does not matter which path you take – as long as you take one – they are all leading to the same place. All rivers lead to the Lake, in the case of personal and spiritual development, all paths lead to elevation.