• The Month of Exchange

    Posted on June 14, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts, New Astrological Realms

    exchangeSome of what we need and search for resides somewhere else, outside of us. If we had it, we would not be searching for it.

    The exchange of knowledge, feelings, impressions, and ideas—with other people or with nature—are a major part of that which develops us. There also is a constant exchange between the seen and unseen worlds, the tangible and the spiritual—as each pole searches for the companionship, richness, and capabilities of the other. The longing and exchange going on, leading to continuing inspiration and accomplishment, allows the movement and development of life itself. 

    The Sun will enter the realm of Exchange on Tuesday, and the month of Exchange will begin.

    The astrological realms do not only describe each Astrological Tribe’s purposes, lessons and skills – they also talk about a challenge or developmental pathway that opens up to all of us during each month.

    The month of Exchange teaches us that sometimes what we need – resides outside of us – whether in another person, another place, or in the unseen and spiritual worlds. In order to develop we need to meet new people, take new paths and be open. And just as we learn and receive from others – so does the world receive from us, for within us are often things that might be obvious to us – but for others may be real treasures.


    So this month is all about exchange – giving and taking – evolving, letting go and being open to the next levels.