• The Mercury-Pluto Alignment

    Posted on January 21, 2018 by in Astrological Forecasts

    After two weeks of Venus-Pluto conjunction, during which  we could change our emotional prints, now it’s the turn of our thinking patterns, as Mercury now in conjunction with the planet of transformation:  Pluto.

    Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and is related to our thinking, communicating and socializing. In mythology Mercury (also known as the Greek Hermes or Egyptian Thoth) is the Messengers of the Gods, and is connected to knowledge and wisdom.

    Pluto is the most distant celestial body in our solar system that is included in astrology,  and although we now know that thousands of other celestial bodies  orbit the Sun and are much more distant,  Pluto is still considered as the “edge of the unknown”. In the Roman and Greek mythology we can find Pluto (Hades) as the lord of the underworld who can also easily pass from the bottom of the underworld straight to the top of mount Olympus, and therefore represents metamorphosis.

    These two very different planets are now in a perfect alignment in the skies, and this unique configuration is a doorway to several things:

    First – it is a unique meeting point between the known (Mercury) and the unknown (Pluto), between the close (Mercury) and the far (Pluto).

    Second – It is a conjunction between two ways of connecting to new knowledge: through the brain (Mercury) and by intuition or instinct (Pluto).

    And last – it is a unique gateway for altering (Pluto) thinking patterns (Mercury).

    So these are the days to have a good look at our thinking patterns. As we spot some thinking patterns that used to serve us in the past but now hold us back – this would be the best time to change these thinking patterns for the better. And the best way to do that, is to see what you tell yourself, and create a new mantra instead.

    If we think we will not succeed – this is the time to tell ourselves we are capable of doing anything we set our mind to.

    If we think life is hard – we might want to start to tell ourselves that the challenges are what  make us stronger, or that life is actually quite fun.

    If we think find ourselves looking usually at the glass half empty, this is the time to practice in seeing the beauty in everything around us,

    and so forth…

    These days we might find that changing our thinking patterns is much easier than usual, due to the help of the astrological combination of these times.

    And as we know – thinking is the first step of actually creating our own reality…


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